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The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra
The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra 2002

Charlene was a terrible actress. She definitely tried to pull a "Ruby Lin" and failed miserably. She's so fake at being cute and playful. And she's bone thin so they need to stop giving her skimpy outfits. Gillian was much better. I feel like her relationship with Jimmy Lin should have been played out more.

And although it was really really entertaining, the Monkey was definitely not in character. Buddhism wasn't even that big a part in this series when it was supposed to be the main thing. And the special effects made me want to hit myself.

Memoirs of a Geisha
Memoirs of a Geisha 2005

Before reading this review, I actually had a really high opinion of this movie, but everything stated here actually rings true.
Although Zhang Ziyi is breathtaking as Sayuri, this is obviously not her best work. I've always found her to be wooden at times because she's trying so hard to preserve her beautiful "serene face." She needs to open up and be more daring in her acting.
Michelle Yeoh was fantastic. She was my favorite person in the entire movie. She really gave that role her best and she was never boring to watch, like Ziyi sometimes was.
Plotwise, things were too draggy,and not as witty/entertaining as the book was, since Sayuri in the novel was clever and fresh, something Ziyi didn't do as good a job showing. I do think that she tried her best, but perhaps she didn't understand the script enough. Don't think she had the capacity to be leading actress in the MOG movie, her beauty and personality was just too quiet to be believable as Sayuri, although as any supporting actress she would have been amazing. Ken Watanabe was a joy. Pure Joy. I felt that the younger Chiyo, forgive me for not knowing her name, did one of the greatest jobs. She was so so cute, and her acting was superb.

The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Return of the Condor Heroes 2006

This series was breathtaking cinema-wise. But why the heck was it trying to hard to be "the Chinese Lord of the Rings?" The director was great, but his ideas weren't even original, they were a blatant imitation of LOTR.
If we look away from the fancy camera-work, the stuff we are left with is a buttload of C.R.A.P. The dialogue was boring and unnatural. I hated all of the actors, except perhaps Li Mo Chou, who was the only one who could act. Everyone else was just barely getting by with delivering their lines. Huang Xiao Ming was SUCH an overactor. It made me cringe just watching him. Liu Yi Fei will always and forever more be a pretty face. No matter how many voice boxes they hook her up to and how many pretty hairstyles and fancy facials she gets, she will always always always suck at acting. Her voice has been dubbed in every series she was in. Why? Because she has a slight lisp, a shaky voice, and the volume of a chicken. I never thought I'd say this, but she needs to take a page out of Xiao Ming's book and ENNUNCIATE her words clearly, with volume.

Chor Lau Heung
Chor Lau Heung 2001

I've been watching this serial, and i'm almost...3/4 of the way done. I don't think that it's as trashy as the reviews here have led it to be. I rather enjoy it, it's got the right amount of action, comedy, tragedy, and adventure. I don't think the acting is bad at all, Richie Ren is doing a great job, and so are the lady who plays his mother, Ruby Lin, Monica Chan, and Cheung Sai (who amazes me, also) I have to say that the male cast leaves much to be desired, especially in the looks department (and isn't Ruby Lin's fiance a bit too old for her, even in real life? It makes me shudder thinking about the two of them) If there was more emphasis on romance, and less deaths, I'd say it would be very good. I think it deserves at least 3 stars.

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

Wow, such great feedback for this series. Yes, it certainly is a special one! This is one of those that you finish and go "wow, that thing just took 20 hours of my time...I should TOTALLY watch it again!" You just don't ever get tired of it.
To clear up some things, Ariel Lin doesn't sing any of the songs FOR this series, she does however sing Prank by Wan Lan Yin on the special edition episode, but the version used throughout the drama was by WLY, not Ariel.
Also, It Started With a Kiss 2 will be released around the year 2007, so everyone keep your eyes open, and please show it as much support and love as we have for ISWAK 1!

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