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Hana Kimi
Hana Kimi 2007

I really liked this series it wasnt one of the best ones but i was good. Its up there somewhere. My favorite charater would have to be Jiro I love him! I never noticed how cute he was until this series, I watched ISWAK and I didnt really notice him because of the way that he acted and his hair. But in Hana Kimi he grew it out which made him look a lot better. And I love him now! Hes one of my favorite actors. No offence but I didnt really like Ella. I didnt really like the parts where she tried to be cute. I didnt think that she really succeded. Her look is more of like tough like look and she was trying to be girly and make cute girl faces. But overall she was also pretty good. And I dont really have anything to say about Wu Zun because the whole time I was watching I was waiting for Jiro to some on screen so i didnt really notice his acting. But overall this was a really nice series and cant wait for the second one!

Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006

Personally, i loved this series. This is probably my favorite Taiwanese series besides ISWAK. He Qun and Xiao Shi had many cute sences together whch I love and I thought that this story is really well made. Although it was like Full House but still I liked this series A LOT! I dont mind watching it again.

Meteor Garden II
Meteor Garden II 2003

lets just say i didnt get past episode 2

Devil Beside You
Devil Beside You 2005

I didn't like this series that much mainly because I was pretty much jealous of Rainie the whole time. -lol-

Love Contract
Love Contract 2005

At first when I started watching Love Contract I thought taht this seies was really weird. There was a girl swimming in the water and another girl who looks exactly like her stangin out side of the aquriam looking at her and talking to her I thought that was really weird. As I started watching it I also thought that why Xiao Feng have short hair she would look much better if she had short hair....and so surprise surprise she had long hair. This series had a really interesting beginning, and it also had a very very very interesting ending! The ending got me so dissapointed it was scary. I did not expect at all she getting paralyzed that would've been my last guess. I loved the middle parts. I thought that they were so cute! I hope that they could be like this through the whole series but it didnt happen. The middle was absolutly so heart warming! But the ending ruined EVERYTHING! Lets just say that I dont like this series. But gotta say that you review was really good just like The Magicians of Love and It Started With a Kiss!

The Magicians of Love
The Magicians of Love 2006

The review was great! I watched this series like 3 or 4 times and I loved it! I agree with you Ming Dao is a must see in the series. Well I think that he is a must see in every series. I wasn't too crazy about Xiao Bei's charater I thought that she was really annoying and dumb always saying that she likes Riche but always falling into Ya Si's arms. I thought that was really stupid of her to do. I loved the scene where Xiao Bei kissed Artz abd Riche I thought that part was haloriuos. I like the review and the series, but I like ISWAK more!

Lavender 2002

I cried so much!! I had a really hard time keeping my tears from falling. But it was a nice series after all. Loved the soundtrack!

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

This is best drama ever!! Seriosly! I thought that no drama can out do The Magicians of Love but when I watched it I fell in love with the charaters and the storyline! Joe and Ariel has amzing chemistry! JOE IS REALLY HOTT AND ARIEL IS REALLY CUTE! I had a smile on my face through out the whole movie! This is the best series ever I can't say that enough times!

Green Rose
Green Rose 2005

I didnt really like this movie. I thought it was really boring. I think I fell asleep. But look on the bright side at least your review was really well done.

Eternal Happiness
Eternal Happiness 2002

wow when you read this now you think that they are really really big stars now!!! lol to think about it back then you didnt think that they were big stars but now they are really really big stars! this show was very good but it dragged on a bit

CIB Files
CIB Files 2006

this movie was flippin awesome!

Silence 2006

i thought that this drama was really good but i agree with you i also thought that the ending was a bit too rushed. its not one of the best dramas but it is still amazing.

When Rules Turn Loose
When Rules Turn Loose 2005

I love this movie Sammul was very charming in this movie I think it is pretty funny and cute!

Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Revolving Doors of Vengeance 2005

I love this movie although I miss a couple of episodes but I still like it I would like to see Ron and Ella in another drama together.

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 2006

Raymond Lam looked absolutly amazing in this drama.

Trimming Success
Trimming Success 2006

I like this movie i think that it is a pretty cute movie.

Love Story in Harvard
Love Story in Harvard 2004

I didn't really like this movie I thought it was pretty boring after watching Stairway to Heaven I didn't really find much interest in it.

Green Forest, My Home
Green Forest, My Home 2005

I love the way you wrote this review I mean you told every single detail and you waited until the climax and leave with a question I like the way you did that very much.

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