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Burning Flame II
Burning Flame II 2002

I like part 2 more than part 1. I really like the love story between Wong Hei and Maggie Cheung and their chemistry was also really good. Annie and Stephen was also really cute together and funny too. Jenny Shing was just so adorable as Wong Hei daughter and the part where she just stared out the window and started crying was just heart breaking. Definitely a must watch.

War of In-Laws II
War of In-Laws II 2008

The series was funny but I think I enjoyed watching Joyce and Derek more than Bosco and Myolie.

The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day 2008

I really liked this series it was a really good series. In fact I actually liked it more than UTCOL. The chemistry between the two couples were so good. It was definitely fun to watch Bosco and Natalie story they started out funny and became really sweet later on. Kevin and Niki chemistry was one the best I've seen recently. The storyline was good as well. It was a very touching love story, very romantic and totally worth my time spent watching it.

The Drive of Life
The Drive of Life 2007

I personally thought that this was the best series of 2007. It kept me interested wayyyy longer than HOG. The actors and actresses all played out their characters so well and with so much passion. The characters were very well developed and since this series go from 199? to 2007 all the characters changed a lot through out the whole series and I really enjoyed watching the transitions in all of the characters. The only thing that disappointed me was the amount of Jessica screen time, I was hoping to see more of. Even through every time she shows up I just want to scream at her for being so naive. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chemistry between Charray ! They worked do well together and their storyline was fantastic. Whether it was love , the hatred, revenge, or the regrets these 2 delivered a memorable performance. Overall this series is a must watch.

Armed Reaction IV
Armed Reaction IV 2004

I can't believe that after 4 parts Chan Siu Sang still can't have his perfect marriage! I really hope that TVB will make a part 5 and soon because I really want to see Chan Sam Yun and Cheng Fung reunit again and Chan Siu Sang and Wai Ying Chi get marry!

Armed Reaction III
Armed Reaction III 2001

I think Ada character gave the series a new energy and made it more fun. The relation between Wai Ying Ji and Chan Siu San was so fun to watch and to see how both characters begins to fall for each other. I thought that the most annoying character in this part was Cheng Fung mom.

Armed Reaction II
Armed Reaction II 2000

I kinda got annoyed with Joyce character in this part because she was always getting mad at everything.

Armed Reaction
Armed Reaction 1998

I think that is the best one out of the 4 that they've made. Joyce character was so funny and so much more relax then how she was in part 2. But I what I still don't understand is that at the end of this series Esther character was already wearing a wedding dress and then at the beginning of part 2 she was only sitting as a guest.

Life Made Simple
Life Made Simple 2005

I think I liked SP more then this. This series was just ok to me.

Hearts of Fencing
Hearts of Fencing 2003

I liked this series a lot. I was fun and entertaining and it didn't dragged on too long. Even though it was a new cast I thought they did ok in portraying their roles.

Dream of Colours
Dream of Colours 2004

This series was ok to me but there really wasn't anything memorable about it. This is not something that I would want to again years from now.

The Last Breakthrough
The Last Breakthrough 2004

I thought that this was a very meaningful series, it didn't just tell a story about love and friendship but also about the medicals needs of different countries. It really help raised awareness to those situations. And the cast was good in their roles. I loved Leila and Raymond in this series, they had great on screen chemistry and they looked cute together. I really hope Raymond and Leila get to do another series as a couple agin in the near future.

Hard Fate
Hard Fate 2004

I love this series! I think the whole cast did a great job in portraying their characters. even though I hated Damien Lau character I found myself feeling sorry him in the end. The relationship between Kevin and Niki was my favorite thing about this series. If their was one thing I could change it would have to be the ending, I really wanted to see Kevin and Niki characters end up together.

Food For Life (Yummy Yummy)
Food For Life (Yummy Yummy) 2005

I didn't like the reality game show part of the series that much but everything after that was good. I love the friendship and family relationships in this series.

The White Flame
The White Flame 2002

This is one of my favorite series. The storyline was excellent there were many different story to watch for, the friendship between the characters, the nursing nursing experience, and their family relationship. It was funny, heart warming, and very entertaining. This is a must watch for everyone.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994

I think this is the best version of this story. Julian and Athena were perfect in these 2 roles and the chemistry between them were so good. The supporting characters were good too.

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