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Seed of Hope
Seed of Hope 2003

this is a good show, but the ending makes me blured. i like patrick and kenix, and the children. their acting are very good! the business part of this show is very good too.

Point of No Return
Point of No Return 2003

I think Angie Chiu acting is superb! She is so beautiful and elagent in her Cheongsam! But Damien Lau role died too soon, at least he should die on last episode.

Better Halves
Better Halves 2003

I think all the casts are well done! I especially like Linghu Hei.

The Vagrant
The Vagrant 2002

I could say that this show is a really good show as most of the mediacorp shows like Holland Village and Double Happiness are really not creative, like same old pattern story. The storyline is good and the characters are interesting, the actors and actresses had really done their best!

Twin Sisters (100% Señorita)
Twin Sisters (100% Señorita) 2004

I think Penny Lin has done well in this show, better than her role Sun Zhuo in 8th Pawnshop.

Aqua Heroes
Aqua Heroes 2003

Very Good! Bobo Chan had done a great job! Especially the part she cried when she revealed to her friend that she is afraid of operation. Very sad!

Aqua Heroes
Aqua Heroes 2003

I think Miss Bobo Chan is great! She brings her character Yau Han alive! She can act in crying scences very naturally and she is very beautiful! I like her TVB movie "The Threat" too! Super nice!

And this show Aqua Heroes is very nice! All shows has fake parts too, you can't expect it to be real! And there is no wrong that some of the characters use their real names! They like their name mah!

Not Just A Pretty Face
Not Just A Pretty Face 2003

Joey Yung is great!

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