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Healing Hands
Healing Hands 1998

OOO i love this movie!!! it made me wanna be a doctor!!Steven Ma is sooo hot!!

Return of the Cuckoo
Return of the Cuckoo 2000

I Like this movie but what bothers me was why was some of the parts in this movie so boring???

The Family Man
The Family Man 2002

This movie is sooooooo great!!! I love this series!!! The acting of this movie was soo good!! This one is on my top list!!!

Vigilante Force
Vigilante Force 2003

AWW this movie is soo cool!! The guys in here are soo cute!!

Survivor's Law
Survivor's Law 2003

Omg!!! this series is great!! All the characters in this show was soo good!!!!

Not Just A Pretty Face
Not Just A Pretty Face 2003

Hahaha..this movie is soo good!!!! its soo funnie!!!!

Fate Twisters
Fate Twisters 2003

I like this movie but its kinda a little too cheesy!!!But it is still a great movie!!

Triumph in the Skies
Triumph in the Skies 2003

I love this TVB series although i'm not done watching it yet its still so great!! its so sad when vincent dies though..but its still so great!

Hearts of Fencing
Hearts of Fencing 2003

hey! i love this show and i mean love!!! i also love Sunshine heartbeat too!!! the people in these shows are soo coll i just want to meet them!!they are soo cool!!!!i wish there was mroe episodes cus i felt sad when it only had so less chapters. but o well.... but i still love this character hte best!!!Don Li Yat Long he is soo hot!!!!

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