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Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre
Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 1994

The 1986 version is the best. This drama was overly emotional and diverged quite a bit from the novel. Near the end, they tried to make this kung fu drama into a political one.

Legend of the Condor Lovers
Legend of the Condor Lovers 1998

Wow it's been more than a decade since i watched this series and wrote a review. It is pretty much a stand-alone series that is "loosely" adapted from Jin Yong's novel. So don't expect any type of novel accuracy, you won't find it. The main emphasis is on the romance between YG and XLN, that's it. If you're into romantic series set in ancient times, it's a pretty good series. If you're looking for an adaptation of your beloved novel, you will be horribly disappointed.

Huo Yuan Jia
Huo Yuan Jia 2007

Yeah I liked his wife a lot better as well.

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