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Hana Yori Dango 2
Hana Yori Dango 2 2007

The sequel to “Hana Yori Dango” did not reach its predecessor’s mark. The beginning started out slow with less lively action and excitement that was found in the first one. It also branched out to some sub-stories that were enjoyable but not necessary or overly interesting. It felt like the excitement of the chase was over and now it was get-down-in-the-mud to fight to be together part of the storyline. However, HYD II is still pretty good and it’s a must watch if you have watched I.

Hana Yori Dango
Hana Yori Dango 2005

The hype of ‘Meteor Garden’ drove me to watch the series but coming out from it, it left me wondering what the hype was all about besides F4 (the band). Having never read the manga, there is nothing I could compare ‘Hana Yori Dango’ to. The only thing I can say is the series was great. It cut out all the drag on bits in MG while keeping a smooth story flow. It was short, precise, hilarious and knows exactly what the audience wants to see showing me what the real hype of a series is all about. Therefore it definitely receives a 10 on my ratings.

Romantic Princess
Romantic Princess 2007

The series had a great idea with a wonderful setting, lighting, costume and probably a large budget. So it was rather unfortunate that the actual storyline and the cast couldn’t do it justice. From the beginning till the two main leads got together, there was absolutely no chemistry between them. Whether this was the script’s fault or the actor/actress’, it is unclear for the only hint of them even having the slightest feelings for each other is through their “thoughts”. So instead of watching their romantic blossom, the time was spent listening to their inner emotions. Jeez, if I want to read a diary, I’ll go get one myself. However, towards the middle/end of the film, the storyline picked up giving it a few extra credit points to being an acceptable series.

Why Why Love
Why Why Love 2007

The series itself is not bad. Though many believe it to be subordinate to ‘Devil’s beside you’, I actually thought this was the better one. There aren’t too many major differences with the main cast, so let’s not go there. In ‘Why Why Love’, there is a more consistent storyline rather than mini sub plots throughout the show. Towards the end, it got a bit naïve (in terms of Mike He’s attempt to break up with Rainie) and cliché but overall, the series was more realistic with a better story flow. Was it exciting, no it wasn’t but at least it was enjoyable without the need to fast forward.

My Girl
My Girl 2006

It was funny, above average acting and good setting but it was not one of the best Korean series I've watched. The plot was mediocre, which placed excellent emphasises on Yoo Rin and the family's relationship but the chemistry between her and Gong Chan is faded in comparison. Also, Lee Jun Ki's character is like an annoying little brother which totally did not suit the role of being a rival lover. All in all, it is a good drama to watch but not one to be placed on the list of Korea's tops.

Princess Hours (Goong)
Princess Hours (Goong) 2006

The idea of the series was great as it enabled us to escape into the fantasy world, which is what television is meant to do. However, the storyline was a bit tedious with all the obstacles, hence dragging on the series. Though, I loved learning about the traditions of Korean royalty in the modern setting and the sets and costumes were fantastic. The acting was passable as the only person that actually seemed cheerful between the four main leads was Yoon Eun Hye. The cousin appeared to be in constant depression in the last few episodes and his tears were too much. Overall, I believe the series to be a bit overrated but regardless, it is not one to be missed.

The Price of Greed
The Price of Greed 2006

This series was a bit slow at the beginning and not very interesting as it appears to reflect the typical genre depictions of its time. Especially with Lam Ping's obsession/infatuation with Tsu Fung - the guy dumped you, get over it. However, once the bigger, hidden plot is reviewed to the audience, the show took a giant turn which hooked me till the end. So overall, it is definitely worth giving a try...

The Rose
The Rose 2003

‘The Rose’ is a series about the building of relationships between a dysfunctional family and of course romance. Sounds boring? It is in the beginning 4 episodes but once you pass these, the series simply grabs hold of you until the journey ends with a romantic closure. I must say, the series isn’t for everyone with its ridiculous attempts to be comical, the non sequential or influential subplots, the raising of issues often ignored by society and unconventional acts of love. However, I simply adore this series hence I believe it to be absolutely worth giving a try especially if you love a good romance story

Tian Wai Fei Xian (Fairy From Wonderland)
Tian Wai Fei Xian (Fairy From Wonderland) 2006

The series was relatively captivating with its refreshing scenarios and frequent humorous displays. It brought laughs, frustration, annoyance, sympathy, pity and anger all to the screen which not many recent series were able to do. This illustrates the high standard of the plot as well as the excellent performances by the actors and actresses. There’s no denying that Di Gua and Fu Yuan Bao were my favourite characters. I especially enjoyed watching the scenes with Yuan Bao and his father who were hilarious together. However, Di Gua’s and Shang Guan Hao Qi’s abilities to fight came out of nowhere for me. They’re meant to be the typical Chinese scholars, they’re not meant to know the skills of sword fighting.
One down side of the series is the relevance of the numerous deaths that occurred within the show. Some, you might say, were only necessary because of script requirements. Nevertheless the series excelled many other recent ones and I believe it to be totally worth watching.

The Brink of Law
The Brink of Law 2007

This is a pretty typical TVB series with the exception of their new movement to have many of their characters die off. Some were really unexpected such as Jee Ko and Leo's fathers, which really moved me while those of the younger actors were missing the mark. Is this whole obsessive, compulsive gambling becoming a new theme in TVB? As much as I am frustrated with the gamblers, I'm glad they portray this new aspect into their lives which I otherwise would not have thought about.
Kate's acting wasn’t too bad for a new comer but I really wish she’ll rid of her straight cut fringe. Also, Shirley as a villain is quite refreshing from her consistent adorable roles. Bridget is right about Steven not having much chemistry with the other characters as he seems to always come short of reaching his full potential. Overall I would definitely recommend this series as it is one of the better recent ones.

Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
Sassy Girl Chun Hyang 2005

This serie is so repeatitive that it doesnt drag on in the usual way. You keep thinking that yes, finally they will get together and then the whole process starts all over again. The only part I liked was when they finally decide yes, we will love each other at the same time and stuff what everyone else says or tries to do to separate us. At that point, it finally starts getting interesting. Anyhow, this serie is imcomparable to either FH or SG since there are pretty much no resemblance whatsoever. So do not watch this simply because you think it's similar to either of the two cause it's not. I guess if you like the main characters and wouldnt mind watching them continuously playing hard to get, then I would recommend watching it. But if you have watched My Girl and wanted to see the substory to it, then dont cause you'll be disappointed if you compare the two.

The Avenging Fist
The Avenging Fist 2001

The best word for describing this film is 'ordinary' even though the plot is anything but since it's based in the futre. Given so much room for different/new ideas, the producers didnt grasp their opportunity. Some of the novel lifestyle ideas were cool but they were just accessories of the film rather than playing a part in it. Overall, it would make a good family film but not one to go crazy over despite its huge cast.

The Last Samurai
The Last Samurai 2003

This was not the best Tom Cruise film I've seen, in fact (to me) it was a bit overrated. It was interesting learning about the samurai culture but it just didnt quite reach that breaking point. Nevertheless, I was moved in several scenes such as the son being forced to cut his hair, the son dying and Wantanabe dying. I was so mad in that last scene that I just wanted to wring the neck of that general ordering the soldiers to continue fire. I dont know how he did it but somehow Tom rose out to be like the hero of the story even though I believe the sacrifices of the other samurais should be better emphasised. Overall it was an ok film and deserve at least a watching.

Maiden's Vow
Maiden's Vow 2006

This was a pretty good serie and even though I'm not a big Charmaine fan, I agree that she deserves the best actress award. However, in regards to whether it deserved the best serie of the year, that is another story. No point in dwelling into that. Maiden's Vow I must say is quite refreshing with the compacting of four totally separate stories into one. It allows the audience to gain a perspective into the different eras in Chinese history and the changes that occurred. I must say my favourite was the third story because I have very little knowledge of that era and also because Joe's out of his typical usual character, which I'm kinda getting sick of. There's just one thing I'm confused about and that is whether they skipped a generation between the second and third story because the grandchild calls the grandma "po po" which means mother's mother. Anyways overall, I would recommend watching it but just dont have that high expectation of it because of it's award.
Btw, yes, Charmaine sang the theme song.

Dicey Business
Dicey Business 2006

I must agree with lea for the perfect account of the characters. They were all so irritable in their own ways, even Bobby as he constantly left room for Bosco to continue to be such a fool. There are just a number of chances you could give to someone before you simply just cant trust them anymore and for that I applaud Bobby for his continuing effort. I havent watched a great deal of TVB productions lately but this one was thoroughly satisfying and brought out a different point of view for me. It's not an outstanding film despite, I'm guessing, quite a large investment in it but it was over all enjoyable.

Love Contract
Love Contract 2005

I was quite eager to watch this after reading a review on it, but sadly, it was no where near my expectations. It wasnt one of those series that you just couldnt continue watching on but neither was it one that kept you to the screen. I think the producers over did it with their attempt to make this into an artsy/postmodern/escape from being a typical chick flick kinda film. All I can say is, stick with the genre. It took me ages to realise Ariel was chatting in cyberspace whenever she was surrounded by those eerie neon lights. Also, the chemistry between her and Mike had constant gaps in it which also lowered my liking for the serie. And I must ask: Why did Xiao Bai die?? Was that necessary? Or did I get it all wrong and he's still alive cause I cant tell with him being at their wedding and all. All I can say is, if you enjoy postmodernism with an overflow of family and friendship morals, then watch this serie. But either way, I wouldnt recommend purchasing this unless you have watched it and liked it.

1 Litre of Tears
1 Litre of Tears 2005

I watched this ages ago and I've been waiting for people to notice it. It's such a moving serie and as much as I love it, I hated knowing the fact that it was based on a true story; to know that the disease has brought so much pain and suffering for the girl and her family. I was bawling through most of it - mainly because of the love the family bestowed on her and just them holding it together. It is a love story but not that type in chick flicks but one of family and friends. I wish I could only be as strong as her. My heart goes out to her family and I hoped that Aya is in a place of happiness.

Silence 2006

I havent finished this series yet but I've got to say, I'm loving it. By far this is Vic's best serie so far. And to be honest, I really dont mind him playing the silent cool type of characters all the time lol. Park Eun-hye has a fantastic list of expressions, which goes to show her talents as an actress. Even I who is Chinese illiterate can understand most of what she says. I sympathesis with Andy Hui's character to an extend but I just couldnt help wanting to strangle him ever time he comes on screen. Especially when he decided he wants to feel the impact of a tonne of metal hitting him at the speed of 20km/hr. Hasnt anyone told him 'If you love someone, you'll let them be happy?'. All in all I would definitely recommend this serie to anyone that loves a romantic drama. I'm 5 episodes away from the end but it's been really good, at least, up to where I am lol.

All About Eve
All About Eve 2000

I loved it. I was pretty skeptical at first about watching it because I hated watching series where people are framed. However, when I started I simply couldnt stop. True, Young-Mi was evil (Kim So Yeon gave an excellent performance btw) and all the stuff she did were unforgivable. But she is after all just a girl trying to escape from her horrible past - with the personality of being the most unreasonable person. She has this outrageous notion that "because they are happy, they must be ruined". Neverthless I think we can all agree with her in one aspect - Sun-Mi is a really lucky person and Young-Mi is undoubtedly the better news presenter of the two. Woo-Jin's character really pissed me off. I admire his love for the girl but really, does he have to cry so much after she dumped him. Get over it! I must say that I was not at all saddened by his passing, rather I felt more sorry for his mum. Jang Dong Gun, now he is an excellent actor. I loved his character and everything he did in the series with the exception of his choice of white hair dye.
All in all, Korean dramas are renowned for their romance rather than plots therefore although some subplots were not further developed, it doesnt matter because the main pair got together lol. I definitely recommend this series to everyone. 'All about Eve' is definitely up to the standards of 'Endless Love'.

War of In Laws
War of In Laws 2005

Myolie and Liza arent my favourite actresses' so I was pretty sceptic about the series. Watching Bosco's hilarious pleas on the ladder convinced me to watch on to a wonderful series. The comedy and romance are both wonderful however the whole proving that the emperor has been wrong leaves much for improvement. An alternative resolution to Bosco's capture would make it alot better. Regardless, I've grown to love Bosco and Myolie as a couple and I hope there are more series with them to come. Also, the acting is at a high standard therefore I recommend this to anyone that enjoys a comedy.

Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Revolving Doors of Vengeance 2005

I am usually a fan for big productions however, for some reason, this one just didn't appeal to me as much. When I wasnt trying to wring the necks of several characters through the tv screen, I was getting annoyed with the selfishness, arrongance and immaturities of the rest. Also, the lighting just wasnt right (I'm big on lightings).
Even though Elaine's acting requires some improvement, I must say she was the one that really got to me. She's so good at being pretentious that she can derange the thoughts of others eg Ella. What happens if there's someone like that around us? Though, for me the climax of the series was when she got hit by the car. Also Derek's character proves that one doesnt always need betrayal to satisfy their other wants, unlike a lot of other series I've watched. There are some good twists in this along with the obvious large financial funding, therefore I would recommend this to any one who enjoys long, big productions.

Misleading Track
Misleading Track 2005

The plot wasnt too spectacular but I must say it was thoroughly enjoyable. I agree that Derrick is better off as a bad character (I heard that in one of his older series, he was so evil that the audience literally hated him). When I want to watch romance series, I usually dont go for HK ones and it is refreshing to have a series where the protagonists aren't involved in a relationship. Definitely recommend watching.

Healing Hands III
Healing Hands III 2005

I liked it. Another HK series specialising in a particular occupation. I dont remember much about I or II so I can't really compare. However, the ending for me was a bit disappointing. Then and again, they need something to lead off for the next sequel...if there's one...which probably, there is.

La Femme Desperado
La Femme Desperado 2006

My mum wanted to watch this series because it was so highly commended. I thought it was overrated. Dont get me wrong, it was a good series but the whole 'it's not easy being woman' theme just didnt stand out for me. Personally, I thought it was a typical HK series about relationships, women (and men) in their work environment with a touch of family problems. The 'women' focus wasn't too emphasised. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it because the ideas are fresh and I just love Siu Chai's character. Why cant more male actors be like him - honest, devoted and righteous. Overall, I recommend this series, but just be sure not to look too much into the title because women have way more problems than just those seen here.

My Sassy Girl
My Sassy Girl 2001

My friend recommended this movie to me after spending several weeks trying to persuade me to watch it. Maybe it's because he kept telling me how good it was that when I watched it, I thought it was overrated. A lot of my friends thought it was exceptional while a few had the same opinion as I. Maybe I missed the central concept of the film but I just didnt like it. My favourite scene is the one where they part (she jumped on and he jumped off) which goes to show how much I liked it. However, I did like the notion that they were destined to meet. Everyone has different opinions, and since so many people love it, I suggest to give it a go.

Kill Bill Vol.1
Kill Bill Vol.1 2003

I actually quite enjoyed the film. True it's not a meaningful one or any of that sort, but it was nevertheless intriguing to watch. When I watched it, I never even thought of the whole 'white people killing Asian' theme. It's just a film. I mean I've watched a lot of Asian and even western films where the white fighters always get defected by the Asian martial artist. It's only for entertainment. If you think too much into it, you will never enjoy anything. Tarantino made a few postmodern films so I guess this is one of them too, which is why it has so much intertexuality. I liked Uma's character, merciless but compassionate to a degree. That's what I think fighters should be. If you enjoy an action film then definitely watch it, but if you desire one with more meaning then I suggest you look for another one.

So Close
So Close 2002

This is the best specials effects film HK has produced thus far. Even better than 'Twins Effects' in my opinion. A wonderful plot with three very talented actresses. The lighting illuminated the best features of the characters as well as producing an attractive aura for the film. It contains all the essential features of a great movie - action, suspense and romance. Definitely too good to be missed

Princess-D 2002

The film is set in a dark lighting in hope of creating a more serious atmosphere of individuals' journey to find enlightenment. The concept was good, the idea was good but the storyline leaves much for improvement. I admit I watched the film for a particular actor, and none of the actings were a disappointment. However, the film just didnt have that entertaining edge. Overall I wouldnt recommend this film

My Wife is 18
My Wife is 18 2002

A very typical lighthearted HK film which proved to be entertaining and enjoyable. The storyline is novel and refreshing. Charlene looked the best I've seen of her in this movie. I'll defintely recommend this movie for all those who likes chick flicks

Mighty Baby
Mighty Baby 2002

I didnt find this film as good as its forerunner. The introduction of new female competition kind of drew the story away from the designing of an ultimate toy for babies. Also I found Cecilia's acting to be rather annoying at times. Overall, it's an ok film which would be great for a lighthearted laugh.

Love Undercover
Love Undercover 2002

It is one of the funniest HK films I've seen that is just as good, if not better, than 'Shaolin Soccer'. I was never much of a Miriam fan because the only acting skill she appears to possess is being goofy. However I must say, she suited this role perfectly alongside a very cool Daniel Wu. Definitely two thumbs up for comedy. I'll recommend this to anyone who likes a good time and enjoy laughing their guts out.

Just One Look
Just One Look 2002

I must say the advertisements for it was better than the movie itself. I don't quite know how to explain it. I think the directors were trying to make the film meaningful but they somehow just cut short of it. I wouldnt recommend the film but if you're a teen idol fan, then go for it and give it a try

Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affairs 2002

Love it. A Hollywood blockbuster standard film. It's not the average violent gangster movie with double crosses and betrayal. Rather it's a more carefully planned process, raising the bar of sophication to what it means to be a gangster. It's one of the best films HK has produced in recent times and one that should not be missed, although its two sequels are not worth watching.

Fat Choi Spirit
Fat Choi Spirit 2002

I found it to be another typical HK film where individuals overcome challenges in life for self regeneration. Some of the humour were overly done and overall, it was an average film. I would recommend watching it but not something worth keeping unless you're really into mahjong or the main characters

The Twins Effect
The Twins Effect 2003

I had waited a long time for this film to come out and I must say I wasnt disappoint. It wasn't one that was filled with value or meaning, not that it was to be expected. But it had the entertainment I wanted, eg. Charlene with Edison, so I was really satisfied. However, one factor that I found to be weighing the film down was Jacky Chan guest starring. Don't get me wrong, I love his movies but the thing is whenever he's in a scene, he steals the limelight. And this was no exception. Also, the acting still requires improvements from the new stars but overall, it was an ok job. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys seeing their idol on the TV screen.

Hero 2003

Many people I know didnt like this film. However the meaning entrenched in it was the factor that really got to me. It was one of those films that leave you satisfied after watching it and feel like it has given you something beyond entertainment.

The Classic
The Classic 2003

I was pretty skeptic about this film at the beginning because I didnt want to know about her parents, but it actually turned out to be one of the best Korean movies I've seen. It has the whole package. Romance tale with her mum and a subplot of herself and the guy she likes. I personally didnt see the hints that he likes her so it was really surprising when I found out. A good surprise that is. 'The Classic', the name itself articulates its timeless value on television. It is a true romance tale that flows through two generations showing that so loves never end...

Love Undercover II: Love Mission
Love Undercover II: Love Mission 2003

This sequel was a real disappointment for me. It really didnt live up to the standard of 'Love Undercover'. Their attempts to be humourous turned out to be really lame with only a small handful that were actually funny. If you've watched the previous film and loved it, I wouldnt suggest you watch this one as it will only ruin your image of it

Cat and Mouse
Cat and Mouse 2003

Just another typical Hong Kong film without meaning, with a sole purpose to attempt to entertain the general public. After so many tries, you think they would have gotten the idea already. The jokes aren't not funny. However, it's not the worst HK movie I've watched. If you're looking for something to pass time then this is your movie but don't expect anything else from it

Windstruck 2004

I thought this was a better film than its supposed sequel "My Sassy Girl". Although I began the film with people attempting to translate for me to only watching the characters' gestures and expressions, it was a truly moving film. It shows that the love ones can move on with their life but it doesnt mean that they will forgot those they deeply value. It was heart breaking to see the main guy die but on the other hand, it was so unexpected that it was surprisingly fresh. Also it contains some hilarious scenes that have you clutching your stomach. I would recommend this to anyone that wishes to see something different from the cliches that are so often appearing on television these days

The Guy Was Cool
The Guy Was Cool 2004

I love this film. It contains all the necessary elements of a lightheart romance from hilarious humour to great chemistry between the leading actor and actress. What more can you want from this chick flick especially with a such cool guy like Sonng Seung Heonn. It is truly one to watch and I highly recommend it.

One Nite in Mongkok
One Nite in Mongkok 2004

A dark, mildly violent film set in the nights of the busy Mongkok. It is a film that depicts the nature of trust and betrayal and where the hunting becomes the hunted. It's not your typical police/gang movie so if you're looking for something different, it is definitely the film to watch.

New Police Story
New Police Story 2004

This is truly one of the best movies I've have seen Hong Kong producers make for a while. Not only is it an action film but it also contain other great elements of drama and humour. A short review is a good review so I'm gonna keep this short. This is too good of a film to miss, especially with that fantastic scene of Daniel Wu on the roof.

Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Hustle 2004

I personally didnt like this film. I found nearly all of his attempts to be funny lame, even though my cousins were laughing hysterically next to me. His previous films like Shaolin soccer are way better. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but if you're a true Stephen Chow fan, then watch it. The comments from my friends were divided half half so I guess it really depends on what you find funny.

House of Flying Daggers
House of Flying Daggers 2004

I actually really enjoyed this film. From the choreography to the scenery to plot. The acting is good which is to be expected from the famous cast. It wasn't one of those wow! kind of movies which hits you straight in the face. But rather one of those you feel thoroughly satisfied after watching. The only thing I didnt get was the whole change in background scenery during that climatic fight. I read somewhere that it was suppose to represent the change in seasons. They supposedly fought for four seasons, is that humanly possible? Another thing I found to be hilarious is Zhi Yi's inability to die. She is like a walking zombie. Popping up once in a while to say a few more words instead of it being her last. Nevertheless, I recommend this to those who enjoys a true romance and not just a typical chick flick.

A Moment to Remember
A Moment to Remember 2004

I love this film. Cried so much too. True it started off as the typical romance chick flick. However as the movie continued, you slowly realize that it's more than that. It shows what true love really meant. The drama also portrays her struggle to cope with her disease and do what is morally right than what she wants. It's an extremely moving drama and I'll definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to be moved. It's totally worth purchasing too unless you could get a copy off someone

Memoirs of a Geisha
Memoirs of a Geisha 2005

Westerners may perceive geishas as prostitutes but they're not. True they may have sexual relationships with men they entertain to advance their lifestyle and wealth, but this is due to personal decisions and not a part of being a geisha. It's like a business woman having sexual relations with those in her field. This doesn't make her a prostitute. What she does in her own time is her business.

In regards to the film, I found it to be a disappointment. I didnt find the book much better, but it was because I have actually read it prior to watching that I understood what was going on in the movie. There were minimal communication between the characters, and even though the costumes and choreography were wonderful, I didnt find the film to be entertaining. If you haven't read the book, I wouldn't recommend watching it. However, if you have and enjoyed it, then give it a go.

Innocent Steps
Innocent Steps 2005

I actually didnt like the movie much but this is mainly due to the leads' relationship. She looks way too young for him. It's like watching a younger sister with her older brother. However, the dancing and her determination to become the best was truely enjoyable. And the moral of the story fits with the surprisingly good twists and turns. I think that if you could overlook her age appearance, you would enjoy the movie. I would recommend watching it if you could get your hands on it, but it's not something to watch over and over again.

House of Fury
House of Fury 2005

I have to agree with the Craze. If the relationships were further developed, it would have been so much better. But as I'm a Stephen Fung and Anthony Wong fan, it takes a lot to wreck the movie for me. Generally the kong fu fighting and the storyline are both pretty good. The only disappointment for me is Daniel Wu's character, who is underplayed in the movie, and also the misleading film cover where half the characters don't actually fight. Overall, I'll recommend the movie to those who're looking for a lighthearted action film but not for those who're looking for something with deeper meaning

Endless Love
Endless Love 2000

This was the first Korean series I've watched and I have watched quite a few after this. But it is still the best romance one I've seen. If you're looking for a lighthearted series, this is not the one to watch. But if you feel like crying on a rainy day, this is definitely the one. It is lead by a good looking and acting cast with a wonderful plot. The series just draws you into the story leaving you speechless. The only let down to this series is the number of times the male lead cries. Honestly, I think he cried more than the female lead. Nevertheless I definitely recommend this to others as it's one of those classics that you can watch over and over again.

Glass Shoes
Glass Shoes 2001

A friend recommended this to me after she told me the general outline of it. I found her story telling to be better as this is just a typical misunderstanding where evil prevails until at the end while everything else in between drags on. I personally wasnt hook onto it especially since I skipped the middle to the end. I wouldn't recommend it but my friends seem to have enjoyed it so give it a try if the sypnopsis sounds interesting to you

Joyful Girl's Success Story
Joyful Girl's Success Story 2002

Personally I didnt like this series. He is too old for her and there is no chemistry between the two leads. Neither characters stimulated any sympathy from me as they were not able to draw me into the story. I constantly lost tract of what was going on due to its inability to capture my interest. I wouldnt recommend watching it unless you can borrow it off a friend and have nothing else to watch.

My Love Patzzi
My Love Patzzi 2003

A good series with a great background theme of the amusement park. I actually didnt like Jang Na Ra much in her previous series but after watching this, my views changed about her. Her character is realistic and Jae Won's as well especially when he retorts at her evil friend. I wanted her with Jae Won even though I know Rae Won has sacrificed more for her. Nevertheless it's a series worth watching.

Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum)
Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) 2003

I heard a lot of commotion with this series before I watched it. One look at the length of it kind of turned me off because I thought it will drag on. Surprisingly it turned out to be one of the best series I've watched and it definitely isnt overrated. Although it didnt heighten to an exploding climax, everything about it was just right. It was interesting learning about the ancient Korean culture and seeing a woman's struggle and determination for a place in the palace with a touch of romance. It's definitely a series worth watching

Full House
Full House 2004

The series started out pretty good and I'm a fan of the main actress. But after a while, I found it to be rather tedious as it tends to drag on a bit. Personally, I thought the series is a bit overrated. The cast is good, the settings and costumes are fine but the storyline needs a bit of improvement. I would recommend it to others but overall, it's not one of the finest Korean dramas I've watched.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Name is Kim Sam Soon 2005

It's a good series. No dragging ons and no villains. I like Hyun bin in it although I came to feel sorry for him because he gets hit by everyone except for his ex. Kim Sun Ah played a pretty convincing role and the cast was generally all pretty good. The only thing I didnt like about this series is the fact that she's older than him. I dont think it would have been so noticable if they didnt keep mentioning it. Overall, it's definitely worth watching since I wasted a whole weekend to finish

Princess Returning Pearl III
Princess Returning Pearl III 2002

I like this series as much as the previous two. Maybe it's because I'm a Leo fan but I thought overall the acting and the storyline isn't too bad. I actually like the leads in this one more because I always saw Alec and Vicky as more brother and sister like than a couple. Also the new actress playing Ruby's part actually portrayed the gentle and kindless of the character better, with a touch of fierceness when it came to the one she loved. Overall I'll recommend this to others as long as they're not loyal Alec and Vicky fans

Romance in the Rain
Romance in the Rain 2001

I actually quite liked this series. The chemistry between Leo and Vicky is pretty good and the whole Big Shanghai theme proved to be very interesting. There isn't just romance but also the building of family relations. I liked the fact that Vicky's character is realistic and Alec is so funny. I read the real novel afterwards and found it to be pretty melancholy compared to the lighthearted series. I'll definitely recommend the series to others and it's a plus if you like a bit of musical in it as well.

Meteor Garden II
Meteor Garden II 2003

I actually thought it was ok if you fast forwarded some bits. The theme song is nice.

Lavender 2002

I've read a review of the series prior to watching so the ending was spoilt for me already. Nevertheless, I like the twist in it because I don't think anyone would have expected her to die before the baby is born. The series isn't all that great with a lot of anti climax. Also maybe it's just be but I couldn't stand Ambrose's Chinese accent. That is when he actually speaks it, which is not often and usually consists of a minimal syllable of words. He looked a lot better in 'Magician's of Love' with the shorter hair but I really liked the song he sings in 'Lavender'. Overall, the series isnt too bad and definitely watch it if you could get it off a friend but it's not worth buying.

The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog
The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog 2005

I've watched a lot of series ranging from TVB's, Chinese, Korean, Jap, Taiwanese and Thai but this is definitely the best romance one I've watched. The characters are realistic and the storyline is excellent. It doesn't drag on and it's so funny. It isn't a cliche (not that cliches are bad) and I love the chemistry between the leads. What more can I say, it's almost perfect. Definitely worth watching over and over again and don't bother borrowing it off a friend because it's so worth keeping.

Devil Beside You
Devil Beside You 2005

It's one of the best Taiwanese series I've watched and I love the chemistry between Mike and Rainie. Towards the end, I find it to drag on a bit with the complication of the new arrivals but thank god that at least there aren't too many stupid misunderstandings. I love the way Mike expresses his feelings and his love for her but some of his lines are really unrealistic. No guys talk like that in reality and if they do, you immediately wonder which script they copied off. Overall it's a great series and definitely worth watching/purchasing.

Love Storm
Love Storm 2003

'Love Storm' is not one of the better Taiwanese Series I have watched. Although the cast and the plot isn't too bad, the middle got a bit tedious so I skipped a disc and went to the end. I'm not a big Vic fan but I had to admit he looked pretty good in this serie along with Ken. I found some parts to be extremely unrealistic which is probably one of the let downs of the serie. Overall it's not too bad to watch when you have nothing else to do but not one I would recommend buying.

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

This is a wonderful serie. One of the best I've seen. Great chemistry, great storyline, great cast and great everything. 'It Started with a Kiss' simply did not have a dull moment and kept you constantly at the screen. Also you'll just fall in love with Joe Cheng in the process. Ariel could be pretty embarrassing with her dumbness, especially next to the supporting actress' attributes, but she's cute and you kind of just admire her determination after a while. Also the theme songs are really good, esp the one that Ariel sings herself. Overall it's definitely a serie to watch and it's one of those that are totally worth buying.

The Magicians of Love
The Magicians of Love 2006

I thought this production wasn't as good as "The Prince who turned into a Frog". The storyline wasn't as well written or funny and it tends to drag on a bit. The acting is generally pretty good and there is chemistry between the characters. Overall it is a lighthearted movie to watch on a dull rainy day. If you love 183 club then definitely watch it for the people or else don't because the plot just weighs it down.

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