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Food For Life (Yummy Yummy)
Food For Life (Yummy Yummy) 2005

This series is a collaboration of Singapore and Hong Kong. Being a Singaporean, I feel that those part flimed in Singapore doesnt quite make the standard and those parts filmed in Hong Kong is simply great. I like the frendship and the love triangle of Charmaine Kevin and Tavia. My only complain is that Kevin instead of Raymond is the 'true' male lead as I am not a fan of Kevin but a great fan of Raymond. I was so sad that Raymond and Charmaine didnt end up together.

Bar Benders
Bar Benders 2006

I really like this series. Adam CHeng is great in this series and I cant think of anyone better than him to play the male lead.

A Pillow Case of Mystery
A Pillow Case of Mystery 2006

This series is nice but plot of this kind is geting too common in TVB making it very predictable.

Safe Guards
Safe Guards 2006

I love this series but i just feel there could be better casts in the show. Elaine Yiu only know hoe to look pitiful and I feel her acting is so one dimensional. 4/5 for this show but if the female lead is someone better it would have been 4.5 or even 5.

Devil's Disciples
Devil's Disciples 2007

This series got the 'Worst Series of TVB in 2007'. Just to let you people know.

A Change of Destiny
A Change of Destiny 2007

quite an ok series. No breakthrough but not too bad either. Watch it only if you have time to spare. 3/5 is the best i can give.

Heart of Greed
Heart of Greed 2007

I simply love this series. It made me drop so much tears when Raymond died. Susanna really made me hate her character which means she acts as the bad guy really well. Linda certainly improved her acting a lot that I feel sad when she is sad. Certainly a must watch series. I give it 4.99 out of 5!!!

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