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War of In Laws
War of In Laws 2005

Love this series very much.The story is very funny & interesting.I love to watch all the character in this series.They all did a great job! Especially Sup Yut by Myolie Wu , Suk Lan by Liza Wang & Mau Chun by Bosco Wong.This series make me laugh a lot.Ha.........ha.........

Too Beautiful to Lie
Too Beautiful to Lie 2004

Kim Ha Neul do a great job in this movie.I love the way she act in this movie,she look so nature and funny.Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

A Step into the Past
A Step into the Past 2001

I have watched this series.I love it .Louis Koo's acting is very nature and funny.Raymond Lam also act very good.Good job everyone!!!

God, Please Give Me More Time!
God, Please Give Me More Time! 1998

It is a touching japan series.Love it!.I aslo bought it for my collection.

Lofty Water Verdant Bow
Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2003

I have watch this series.But i hate the ending (bad ending).Gam Sai Wai finally find out that he love Lai Shing Nam but only after she died.What???.This series over all is very boring and not interesting.

Lavender 2002

I have seen this movie.It have a bad ending.
It make me cry a lot especialy the ending.

Princess Returning Pearl III
Princess Returning Pearl III 2002

Although many of the fans from Princess Returning Pearl Part 1 & 2 are not very like this Part 3 because the charges of cast but for me,the series are not very bad at all. I still love this series.It give me a new review which is different for part 1 & 2.All the characters are getting older and more mature. Over all, I like Ma Li Yi act as Zi Wei in this series which are better than Ruby Lin in part 1 & 2. Zi Wei character are my favourite character in Princess Returning Pearl. I am very happy to see the ending that she is still with Er Kang her true love and happy ever after. Good Ending.

The Rose
The Rose 2003

I have watch this TV series.Love it.Good job!I also bought it for my collection.

Peach Girl
Peach Girl 2002

I have watch this TV series.Gang An Li (Wu Jian Hao)is my favourite character in this movie.Love the way he protect An Da Tao and finally together.

Triumph in the Skies
Triumph in the Skies 2003

I really enjoy watching this movie.
All of them are act very good.But I love watching Francis Ng act as Samuel Tong and Myolie Wu as Zoe.Both of them are looking good together althrough the gaps of age are big.This is a great story.

Survivor's Law
Survivor's Law 2003

Love this TV series very much!!!!
All of them act very good especially Myolie Wu & Raymond Lam.Good jobs!!!!

Meteor Garden II
Meteor Garden II 2003

I feel very disappointment.The story are boring and too long.

The Tattooed Flower
The Tattooed Flower 1994

I have watched this TV series and it is a very sad story.It made me cry a lot.But the acting of Steven Ma and Vivian Chen are very good.Love it!

At the Dolphin Bay
At the Dolphin Bay 2003

It is a good TV series.I love the ending because finally Xu Ce Ya and Tien Pien are together althrough Shan Ni have to died.It is a wonderful and touching story.

Tears in Heaven
Tears in Heaven 1999

I have watched this series and i love it very much.I aslo bought this series for my own collection

Romance in the Rain
Romance in the Rain 2001

For this series,I think it is too long and the plot is also very boring.The performances of the actor & actress are average only. But I really enjoy the songs in this series.

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