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Hotelier 2001

I personally find the kissing scene in the lift between Bae Yong Joon and Suh Jin Yeoung very romantic. Oooooh...

Save the Last Dance For Me
Save the Last Dance For Me 2004

Ji Sung is oh, so good-looking. And I love the songs in this serial that I had to go out to get the CD. I like the Korean music but alas, I can't understand Korean so the inclusion of English songs here are a saving grace for the money I paid for the CD. The songs are so lilting that they can melt hearts and bring tears to the eyes.

Lovers in Paris
Lovers in Paris 2004

Park Shin Yang, though not comparable in looks with the younger Korean guy stars of this day, viz, Ji Seong, Lee Byung Hun, Bae Yong Joon, Song Seung Hun (in no particular order of merit), has his own charm. This is the only Korean show that I've seen of him but I won't mind watching his other movies (if the storyline is good). I like his nonchalant ways in this show and his acting grabs attention and set heart a-flutter.

Summer Scent
Summer Scent 2003

The best scene I love is the one where Hae Won and Min Woo danced on the green grass. As Hae Won stepped on top of Min Woo's legs, the emotion displayed on Song Seung Hun's face (as Ming Woo) is so unforgettable and set my heart beating fast. Wooo.... I think Song Seung Hun has allowed his deeper emotions to surface on celluloid. Well done!

All In
All In 2003

It's understandable why there are so many Lee Byun Hun and Ji-Sung fans. For me personally, Ji-Sung is the better looking guy but Lee has that MAN-quality. Lee's smile however is not as nice as Ji-Sung's better balanced features. And oh, I love Ji-Sung in business suits in this show. I wanna get the square watch that he is wearing (if someone could tell me the brand of the watch). .

It's a pity that Song Hae Gyo, pretty though she is, somehow maintains that bland look on her face (since Autumn days when I watched her). Gotta improve on her acting skills huh?

Into the Sun
Into the Sun 2003

I thought the chemistry between Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Jung Hwa (his sister in the show) is far better than Kwon's chemistry with Myung Se Bin. If I were in Myung's shoes, I'd have portrayed a longing for Kwon on screen. Kwon is so good-looking and I love him in his smart dark uniform.

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