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Trimming Success
Trimming Success 2006

This movie was mainly about Kevin's character having to understand more about what his father needed. Its more of a family kind of a movie. Its pretty nice...if you like those family-moral-valu movies...

Into Thin Air
Into Thin Air 2005

Michael Miu is good looking! His character in this movie,Zhong Jing is a sad and emotional person but incredibly determined.Even when he knew that Sing Zhai was "dead",he was determined to find his body and Michael did a GREAT job in that.As for the supporting casts,I do have to praise Michelle Yim or better known as Alice in the movie...she turned the movie from good to great.A must watch for those who hasn't watched it.

The Drive of Life
The Drive of Life 2007

This movie's GREAT! One thing that really puts it down is that Man Hon overly protects Man's as if Man Shek is Man Hon's SON!

Point of No Return
Point of No Return 2003

You know...this is one of the best movies I've ever watched that was produced by TVB...kudos to ya!

The Charm Beneath
The Charm Beneath 2005

This movie was actually really cool and addictive cuz you could see that the evil 2nd uncle and aunt were clearly after the Zhu family's was very good of a movie but I think that Gigi was one of the best actresses who should NOT be given crying scenes...I mean, she's a really good actress but she is really terrible at crying!

The Family Man
The Family Man 2002

OMG! I LOVE this series! It's the best I've watched yet, besides of bond...which I am still drooling over! I'll say this movie is a very good movie for everyone of any age!

The Academy
The Academy 2005

Hey hey hey! I've been missing lotsa new news from Spcnet...anyway...I love readin your reviews, it true that Cadets on the Beat is out?! I heard that it features Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Tao and Sonija Kwok. I luv Michael Tao...not to mention Michael Miu...but yeah...I agree that Sonija Kwok is a no-oh...but is it really true that the sequel is out? If it is, where can I get it in Malaysia?

Asian Heroes
Asian Heroes 2003

I'd love to know where I can get this series...pls...I'm some die-hard fan of Michael...:P

Mission in Trouble
Mission in Trouble 2002

Can anyone help me to translate the name of this movie? I'm quite a 'banana'...thx...XD

The Academy
The Academy 2005

Hey...does anyone actually know how many discs this whole series takes and many episodes are there? Reply to [email protected] pls...

Take My Word For It
Take My Word For It 2002

This would have been my favourite series if it wasn't for the existance of Dong(Bobby). And I do find Kwong very very likable here. Oh yes,I agree on one more thing...isn't there a better way than just to jump off buildings?

When Rules Turn Loose
When Rules Turn Loose 2005

It was pretty funny at first...where Myolie calls Sammul=Dick Ching...I'd say the way Marco/Keith had the bluetooth on everywhere and everytime was very annoying...

The Last Breakthrough
The Last Breakthrough 2004

I thought this movie was pretty good...or maybe it was just cause of Raymond Lam's oh-so-very charming face...;)

Misleading Track
Misleading Track 2005

I liked the way Derrick did his character...I find that he is better off as a bad character than a nice,straight guy like in Golden Faith.

The Gateau Affairs
The Gateau Affairs 2005

I haven't an idea that TVB would be so bad in pairing up couples. Myolie and Joe are SO just reminds me of Triumph in the skies where they pair Myolie with "what's his name". Joe is a nice,handsome guy but pls...Myolie?

Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Revolving Doors of Vengeance 2005

I thought that Joe was one mean person...but it seemed that the real secret had came out to early...honestly...i did hope to know the truth only at the ending instead.

Shine On You
Shine On You 2004

I think the clothes Michael wore was silly.But I do find a pretty good bond between him and Kenix.Even though Bobby liked her,she just told him right away that she didn't like him...that's very straight and I like it!

Placebo Cure
Placebo Cure 2004

I don't know of other people...but I find the way Joyce had a crush on Kevin was utterly silly and I find the way Sunny talks is very funny.

Love Bond
Love Bond 2005

I've always liked Michael's acting but I really didn't like the way he did the "ahhh" in this series.I do find their names pretty funny as they were numbered.

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