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Pride 2004

i loved this drama! i rememeber when i first watched it, i stayed up the whole night just to finish it, even though i had a 9 a.m. lecture the very next day! need i say more?? halu and aki.. match made in heaven..

A Love to Kill
A Love to Kill 2005

this drama really was a disappointment. i had such high hopes for rain's latest considering that i loved full house and enjoyed sang doo. however, although he did perform a rather good job here, i found him a little constipated.. and the other character was just hopeless! i hated her character so much, she was so irritating! i gave up this drama after a few episodes, just could not bring myself to watch this.. i totally agree with Zephyrous..

Forensic Heroes
Forensic Heroes 2006

the plots were a little predictable at times and i thought that the pairing of frankie and linda a little strange and lacking in chemistry.. but overall the drama is a pretty good watch.

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