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Princess Hours (Goong)
Princess Hours (Goong) 2006

is a guy
who cannot act
no offence.
when he acts cute
i should puke.

Better Halves
Better Halves 2003

its funny

Healing Hands III
Healing Hands III 2005

i prefer healing hands two.
its better
and more dramatic

Into Thin Air
Into Thin Air 2005

the theme song is sang by Bernice
yes they make a great couple.
and i cried
when the Blind Pianist's mum
[Bernice's Acting mum]
i watched it again and again
but cried
again and again.

To Catch the Uncatchable
To Catch the Uncatchable 2004

did he die in the ending LOLS. i meant they didnt show. but i think its quite obvious.he shouldnt had ran after the pick pocket. STUPID PICK POCKET.

Gods of Honour
Gods of Honour 2001

this series was good.
sad parts. funny parts.touching parts.
at first , you would find it really really fake. but when you get used to it. its actually worth watching. the part where they beheaded the evil fox spirt. MAN THAT PART WAS REALLY WEIRD ! no offence. and the ending was .... err.. WEIRD. and sort of funny. to rate. i would rate it 2.5 haha

Riches and Stitches
Riches and Stitches 2004

no offence. but the ending was really stupid

Survivor's Law
Survivor's Law 2003

this show is worth watching.

Shine On You
Shine On You 2004

to the rock :
OuYangShan [ Au Yeong San ]
his realy name is Roy Chow.
and i <3 this show.
it is really funny&nice&touching.
and yeah i agree with Vortex that it was touching at the part when he was leaving Kenix. i cried too. haha

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