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Triumph in the Skies
Triumph in the Skies 2003

I began to watch this series with high expectations, but it still exceeded them all. The historic production is incredible…the airport gorgeous, the camera great, the effects amazing, and all the details beautiful. The sceneries of Italy, Japan, and Australia make charming backdrops, and the casting is solid. The tone is far lighter than I expected, but the dramatic underdones still persist.

Francis Ng delivers an unbelievable performance.
Flora Chan does well but can’t cry.
Joe Ma does a remarkable job but can’t speak a word of English.
Myolie Wu acts nicely though her leading-man chemistry isn’t her best.
Shek Sau and Hon Ma Lei make adorable comic parents.
Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Sammul Chan do very well.
Michelle Ye and Kenneth Ma are tolerable.
The rest of the cast do terrific jobs in their respective roles.

The story offers nothing fresh and is not flawless, but the entire script does not have a single unengaging moment. I find the characters all generally lovable, except for the self-centered Belle. This series is extraordinary, deserving of all the hype and praises.

Conclusion: watch it, without a doubt, trust the reviewers…you won’t regret it.
Final No-brainer Verdict: 5/5

War and Destiny
War and Destiny 2006

This series exceeded my expectations and seriously hooked me for all thirty-six episodes. It is extraordinarily financed for HK standards, carefully produced, adequately edited, well-paced, and well-casted.

The story is far from perfect, though still captivating. The plot-lines are cliché, the characterizations are amazingly rich, the background strong, the development stronger, but the ending weak.

As for the cast, Myolie Wu is acceptable, Sunny Chan does exceptionally well (superior to ATE), Ron Ng improves impressively, Leila Tong is very pretty, Shek Sau performs perfectly, Mandy Cho is tolerable, Ellesmere Choi is just fine, and Halina Tam underused. The child actors are excellent. There are no breakthroughs for this series, but every cast member lives up to the job.

Conclusion: wonderful entertainment, just short of a classic.
Overall rating is 4.5/5

A Pillow Case of Mystery
A Pillow Case of Mystery 2006

Being too lazy to write my own review, I'll just leave my comments here. This series is cute in its own way, but I find it passable. Tavia did a wonderful job here, Benny had one too many wrinkles, Bobby was veteran, and Kenix was strangely casted. The make-up was poor at best. Though I do not usually find Kenix to be stunningly gorgeous, her face is normally pretty and winning. Yet somehow, she was plain ugly here. Lo Hoi Pang was comically lovable. Just like the review states, this series is pure, pure, pure comedy. All of the drama and action included are dumb. Do not watch it if you want a "combination genre," and do not watch it if you are watching a translation. Watch only if you like periodic HK comedy, or if as a fan of Tavia, you want to watch the performance which earned her a Most Improved Actress nomination.

To Love with No Regrets
To Love with No Regrets 2004

This series just couldn't click with me. In spite of multiple attempts to watch it, I have never been able to get past the first five episodes, and at one time, I just decided to fast-forward through the rest. I was right not to persevere, for it is not worth the watch. The story is tolerable, but the cast fails. Yes, Bosco is acceptable, but the overall chemistry is BAD. I just don't see anything worthwhile in the entire show.

So Close
So Close 2002

I seriously dislike this movie. Although I admit that the style is catchy and the women beautiful, the plot is shallow and the fighting choreagraphy inconsistently collected from too many genres. I also hate these people for taking the Vicki Zhao I love and making her an almost-lesbian. Btw, Hollywood, not beloved Hong Kong, produced this skin-deep movie.

Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend 1999

I agree with you. I originally had high hopes for this series because of the established lead cast. I couldn't bear the series after three episodes, however, and I just forwarded through all the scenes while stopping for every scene with Joe Ma. He is the only engaging actor in the entire series. Maybe I wouldn't give this a one star; two will do.

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