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Triumph in the Skies
Triumph in the Skies 2003

Belle (Flora) is not suitable for her role in that she was consoled when she was depressed. When she was over it, she was thrusted to become the consoler for Sam dperessed onver her dying friend lying in bed.

Also the facial look of Flora seems to be like a Flirt. Her flirty look makes her more suitable for a role as a lover instead.

Her love role on Sam and Vincent seemed "artificial" and not "real". Perhaps her "flirty" looks and her "unemotional" looks makes her "fake" and "artificial".

However, as far as I am concerned, I like to see her in this show, as she is really has a "sexy and flirty" looks. I dont mind having her in my arm for a while. Hehehe.

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