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Forensic Heroes II
Forensic Heroes II 2008

I personally loved FH2 more than the original. I liked the cases and I love Charmaine and Kevin chemistry. Although I would have liked to see more scenes between Charmaine and Yoyo.

Just Love II
Just Love II 2008

The first Just Love wasn't good and Just Love 2 is even worse. I love Jessica as an actress but this series was a major disappointment.

Burning Flame III
Burning Flame III 2009

This series is a waste of time. Myolie didn't have chemistry with either Kevin or Wong Hei. Wong Hei character was down right obsessive after awhile I started to think that this guy needs to check into a mental clinic. The character was so stubborn that it was annoying. Bosco story didn't fit in with the rest of the series storyline.

A Fistful of Stances
A Fistful of Stances 2010

In my opinion this was definitely one of the best series of 2010. Kenneth, Selena, and Natalie acting really shines in the series. Hope to see more of these 3 in future series. The storyline was really good and so touching. There are lots of moments that will have you reaching for the tissue box. Definitely a must watch.

Growing Through Life
Growing Through Life 2010

The series was really draggy and predictable. I predicted the entire series after only watching the 6 or 7 ep. Watch this series if you like the cast otherwise skip it and watch something else.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2009

Great choice in casting. I liked the story and the chemistry between the characters. Tavia did good for her first time as a villain but I thought the ending was a bit too easy for her character. Other then that I liked the series.

Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Buy Me Love 2010

The first few eps. were purely for laughs but as the series goes on the storyline really picks up. I love chemistry between the cast. Besides for all the clapping and rapping this series was really good. There were lots of funny, touching, and heart breaking moments in the series. CBML is definitely worth watching even if you don't like the cast. The series gets better as you go further into the series.

The Mysteries of Love
The Mysteries of Love 2010

I think the only reason why this series got such high rating because of the cast. The storyline was boring and the cases were lame. I felt Bernice character was so pointless in this series. The only reason why she was in this series was so that Kenneth could have a love interest. To be honest I think there was more chemistry between Tavia and Kenneth. Raymond character was boring and I didn't see the need for him to be in the cases, do these cops ever use their forensic team? Unless you like the cast don't bother watching this series.

Triumph in the Skies
Triumph in the Skies 2003

The only thing I hated about this series was Flora character and how she couldn't make up her mind about who she loves. I love Myolie character the most in the series and how she lives ever day to the fullest and always is always smiling. I would have liked to Michelle character end up with Ron character because they are so good together but too bad that didn't happen. Overall this series was good.

The Biter Bitten
The Biter Bitten 2006

I really enjoy watching this series. It was funny, interesting, and unpredictable.

Armed Reaction
Armed Reaction 1998

I liked the cases in here a lot more interesting then the cases in part 2-4. This is my favorite one out of all 4.

So Close
So Close 2002

This is the beast movie ever! The action scenes were so cool and the storyline was really good.

Love Undercover
Love Undercover 2002

I love this movie! My favorite part was the opening when Miriam character was training at the police academy. The relationship between Miriam and Daniel was so funny and romantic to watch.

A Chinese Odyssey
A Chinese Odyssey 2002

I actually liked this series. It was funny and entertaining to watch.

Super Hip School
Super Hip School 2001

I really liked this series. There were many lessons to be learn from this series and the characters were all really well protrayed. The relation between teacher and students were really interesting. The romance in between Alyssa and the main guy is funny, romantic, and entertaining. I really wish they would make a part 2. I would give this series a 4 1/2.

Survivor's Law
Survivor's Law 2003

Bernice and Raymond were my favorite characters in thiss series. I hope part 2 will be as good as this one.

Hard Fate
Hard Fate 2004

I liked the series but hated the ending.

Armed Reaction IV
Armed Reaction IV 2004

I really hope that TVB will make a part 5 soon because I was sooooo not happy with the ending. The ending left too many unfilled spaces. I really want to Bobby character finallly get marry.

Maiden's Vow
Maiden's Vow 2006

It was a good series. Out of the 4 stories told in this series my favorite was the first story.

Hearts of Fencing
Hearts of Fencing 2003

I really enjoyed watching this series. It had comdey, love, friendship, good music, and lots of guest stars. I liked Heart of Fencing a lot than Sunshine Heartbeat (the second part).

The Last Breakthrough
The Last Breakthrough 2004

I really liked this series. I would have liked it more if Sonija character was played by someone else. I don't Sonija brought expressed her character really well (Sorry to all Sonija). I love Raymond and Leila in this series and how their relation with each other developed.

Angels of Mission
Angels of Mission 2004

This series was really good up until the ending, this series must have one of the worse ending in tvb histroy! My favorite character in this series is Charmaine character.

Love Bond
Love Bond 2005

I liked the series. The cast were great but I hate the characters Lam Yi Yong and Money. My favorite characters in this series has got to be Moses and Bernice, their sence together were so funny and it was interest to see how their relationship developed.

Food For Life (Yummy Yummy)
Food For Life (Yummy Yummy) 2005

I think that this series was really underrated. This series has everything, love, friendship, family, comdey, and drama. The first part of this series (the game show) was a little boring for me, it was funny but not really interesting. It wasn't until after the game show that the series got interesting we get to see how all the characters frienship developed and the relationship each one had with their family. This series is worth watching not only because of the great cast but because of the great storyline.

Under the Canopy of Love
Under the Canopy of Love 2006

I like this series. I thought that Kevin and Niki have great onscreen chemistry. The series has its funn moments, it's dramatic moment, and its loving moments.

Forensic Heroes
Forensic Heroes 2006

It was a good series butI thought that this series thought too many of their cases ideas from CSI Las Vegas. I think my favorite character in this series is Linda Chung character, her character was funny and she was the funny ice breaker in serious moments of the series.

Better Halves
Better Halves 2003

I love this series. Steven and Maggie were so funny and their onscreen chemistry was great. The stroyline was sweet and they story didn't drag. The rest of the cast were good in their roles as well.

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