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Loveholic 2005

I enjoyed this drama, especially at the beginning when there seemed to be a lot of tension, sexual and otherwise, between the two leads. However, by the end of the drama that tension seemed to have disappeared. Kang Ta is incredibly beautiful and although his acting is still rough and he is still inexperienced in dramas, I think that with some practice he will become very intriguing to watch. He is stereotypically tall, dark and handsome, with chiseled features and soulful, expressive eyes. I liked him a lot more as the high school student than as the ex-con, mostly because he brought a kind of sweet naivete to the youthful role. I didn't find him believable as the hardened ex-convict. The lead actress was good. I've seen her in other dramas and really disliked the characters she played, but I think she did really well as the young and naive teacher who falls in love with her student. She did a good job of acting like she knew the love was wrong, but couldn't help herself anyway. Like the reviewer, I did find that some of the sub-plots were just left hanging, but overall I found this to be an enjoyable drama. I would probably watch it again, given six months or so to come at it from a fresh perspective.

My Girl
My Girl 2006

This was far and away the funniest drama I've watched yet. I loved the main story, but also I really enjoyed all the other sub plots, especially with Secretary Yoon and Ahn Jin-Kyu. Lee Da-Hae is just so cute and so incredibly funny, how could anyone not like her? Ju Yoo-Rin is always playing jokes, and when she tricked Jeong-Woo in the sauna by having everyone think he was a woman, well, I laughed until tears were streaming down my face. Such a good story, and not the least bit draggy or boring at all. I also have to say that I've never seen Lee Dong-Wook before, but I thought he was really good as the straight-laced and serious business man. And he's very good looking, kind of like Lee Seo-Jin, except younger and without the dimples. Overall I'd have to rate this drama as Excellent!!! I can't recommend this enough to anyone who is looking for something light-hearted, but also romantic and lots of fun. Watch this drama and you'll be blessed!

I'm Sorry I Love You (Misa)
I'm Sorry I Love You (Misa) 2005

I take it back. I take back all the bad things I said before. I just watched MISA for the second time and it hit me hard. This is beautiful. Eun-Chae's character had to be that simple and naive. Moo-Hyuk had to be that stoic and beautiful and temperamental. It was beautifully written, beautifully acted and I am so touched by the sadness and tragedy of the last four episodes and especially Eun-Chae's words as she dies by Moo-Hyuk's grave that I'm speechless. Words just don't do justice to the bittersweet romance and sadness of this drama. So Ji Sub is AMAZING.

Law Firm
Law Firm 2001

It got a little draggy towards the end, but I managed to watch all 16 episodes. For once I didn't completely hate the female leads. In fact, after watching and hating her in Glass Slippers, I actually didn't mind Kim Ji-Ho. In fact, with a different hairstyle she was quite attractive. Of course I love, love, love So Ji-Sub and wish there'd been more of him in the swimming pool, and more of him getting out of the swimming pool, if you know what I mean!! Also, laughed out loud at SJS and the gangster's niece. Priceless! Also really liked SSH here too. Are he and SJS a couple in real life? They look so cute together, like best buddies. The story was not too bad, although it did get a little boring in places, but altogether I'd give it 8 out of 10, mostly for So Ji-Sub's and Song Seung-Heon's beautiful selves.

Phoenix 2004

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to watch this drama. But am I ever glad I saw it! LSJ and Eric were AWESOME and LEJ was just amazing. What a beautiful woman. It's so tragic that she committed suicide. What a loss. The story was so interesting and kept me captivated. I am the biggest fan of Lee Seo Jin and I really enjoyed his performance here. Eric was great. I saw a completely different side of him from his role in Super Rookie. This is definitely a terrific kdrama and if I had to give it a rating I would definitely say 9/10.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Name is Kim Sam Soon 2005

The age difference between the characters is only 3 years, so whoever called Sam Soon an old lady is obviously an idiot. The story was great. The lead actors were terrific. I love Hyun Bin and he's just so darned cute and sweet and sexy here. Those dimples!! I just want to put him in my pocket and take him home! KSA did a great job with this part. Although her "chubbiness" was still very, very thin by most standards, she showed the emotional discomfort that overweight people feel when they are ostracized by society. I loved the ending. It was awesome.

A Love to Kill
A Love to Kill 2005

I love Rain, no matter what he does. He fascinates me and I find him extremely beautiful and sweet. I liked him in this series and I also liked Shin Min-Ah, but at times the story kind of dragged and at the end, after Min-gu is out of the picture, I just couldn't understand why Bok-gu couldn't fulfill his brother's wish and so stoically refused to see Eun-suk regardless of how much pain he felt. And why did Eun-suk insist on staying away from Bok-gu? Her family was a bunch of useless twits, but they all seemed to survive well enough after she was out of the movie business. Maybe the writers were trying to say that their love was so desperate that there was just no alternative for them but to die together. Anyway, I was glad to see the end of this series. It was difficult to get through the last three or four episodes and have any sympathy for anyone. I thought the actress who played Da-jung was very pretty, but she didn't fit the role very well. She couldn't see the boy who really loved her right in front of her eyes. The one redeeming factor in this whole series was Rain. He's the only reason I watched it and the only reason I stayed with it to the end. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my time on this show.

Summer Scent
Summer Scent 2003

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I can't put my finger on the exact reason why I loved this series so much, but it still stays with me months after watching it. SSH is great in this show.

The Bali Story
The Bali Story 2004

Oh my god what an unexpected ending! Jo In Seong and So Ji Sub are both so awesome. I think JIS did a spectacular job of portraying the insane jealousy of love gone wrong.

Spring Days
Spring Days 2005

This has Jo In Seong and Ji Jin Hee in it. Is there any other reason for watching? Otherwise it was a decent drama. But JIS is the best reason to see this. He's such a good actor and so beautiful.

Full House
Full House 2004

This is one of my favorite series of all time. Rain is so hot and cute and sweet and funny and sexy. And Song Hye Kyo is ridiculously cute and funny! She's so much fun to watch in action. The combination of her and Rain made this such a good show. Any time I want a laugh I put this on and sure enough I'm feeling better soon!

Sweet 18
Sweet 18 2004

Very cute! I really like LDG so that was a bonus.

I'm Sorry I Love You (Misa)
I'm Sorry I Love You (Misa) 2005

I love So Ji Sub. I hated the lead actress. I wanted to beat her to death myself. Her character is just so unbelievably stupid. It wasn't at all realistic, but I did enjoy every single shot of SJS. He's incredibly hot. The story was interesting and I think the overall series would have been so much better with a real, experienced and attractive actress in the lead instead of this idiot.

Smile Again
Smile Again 2006

Lee Dong Gun was AWESOME in this series. His eyes are so expressive! He definitely made this show worthwhile. Even though Lee Jin Wook might have a "prettier" face, he just doesn't have the charisma of Lee Dong Gun. I'd pick LDG over LJW any day! The series was pretty good, although it stretched the limits of the imagination that anyone, especially women, could make a living playing softball. As if!

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007

The sexual tension between the two leads was very interesting. The story was pretty good. I like Gong Yoo and I'd definitely watch anything else he's in. And Kim Jae Wook is incredibly sexy in an androgynous sort of way. Very hot and very cool.

Prince Hours (Goong S)
Prince Hours (Goong S) 2007

I really liked this series, if only for Se7en because he's such a cutie. And he's so funny at the beginning. It got a bit dragged out towards the last five episodes or so, but it had a bittersweet tone to it as well, and I liked that. Maybe it could have been cut down to 15 or 16 episodes, but I'm glad I watched it. I would definitely look for more of Se7en in future projects. He reminds me of Rain with his sweetness and his adorable puppy dog eyes.

The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen 2006

Hyun Bin, I love you. What an excellent drama. Hyun Bin's acting just keeps getting better and better. Such an excellent story, great acting, and a beautiful and bittersweet ending. I definitely recommend this series to anyone looking for a wonderful story, powerful acting and a bit of existentialist angst in the conclusion. I look forward to seeing Hyun Bin in his future projects.

Lovers 2006

Loved, loved, loved this drama. Lee Seo-jin is one of my favorite Korean actors. He is the epitome of masculine!! And I even liked the female lead - she was pretty funny at times. A great story and a good ending and lots of great character development and an interesting and captivating plot. Definitely give this one 6 out of 5!!!

Ruler Of Your Own World
Ruler Of Your Own World 2002

I really liked Yang Dong-Geun in this series. He's quirky looking and I didn't expect to like him, but he won me over. However, the two female leads SUCK. LNY is a totally crappy actress and she's UGLY. Why do people think she's attractive? Her characters (especially in Ireland) are complete and total idiots. GHJ was good in Sangdoo but here her character was just so intrusive and stupid. Who gave her the right to go around telling everyone that Bok Su was dying? She really needed a punch in the face. What a twit. Lee Dong Gun, who is one of my favorites, was really underused in this series. I have to give all the credit to YDG. He was completely believable and so human. I look forward to seeing him in another series. I would give this Kdrama 2 out of 5, and it only gets 2 because I really grew to love YDG. He's AWESOME. Otherwise, don't waste your time. This show is crap. The story is cliched, the female leads couldn't act their way out of a paper bag, the co-stars are all pitiful and it's unbelievable that so many people could be such gigantic losers.

Happy Together
Happy Together 1999

BEST ENDING EVER!!!! Who knew LBH was so damned funny?? And the two "hoodlum" brothers-in-law just made the whole show even more fun to watch. I would definitely recommend Happy Together to anyone looking for something a little more light-hearted than your average Korean tear-jerker terminal disease drama.

Alone in Love/Era of Love/Yeonaeshidae
Alone in Love/Era of Love/Yeonaeshidae 2006

Gam Woo Sung is an incredible actor. He shows a huge range of emotions in this series and he made me laugh and cry at the same time. This show is definitely more realistic than most kdramas and the ending was EXCELLENT. I'd love to see GWS in more tv series. He's so unique, and sexy in his own right, that I just can't help but love him.

Ireland 2004

Okay, this was the WORST acting EVER. The only people in this series who could do anything remotely realistic were Hyun Bin and Kim Min-Jun. The script was absolutely stupid and felt like something from the Twin Peaks school of script writing. I only watched it all the way through because I love Hyun Bin. Both the male leads are incredibly sexy and captivating. Kim Min-Jung is very pretty and the girl who plays the doctor is about as ugly and untalented as it's possible to be. I HATED her in Did We Really Love and I hated her even more here. What a STUPID character. I'd have killed her ten times over if I was Kang Gook. The whole premise could have been so much more well-written. The writer of this drama should NEVER try to write again. Just put down your pen and go work as a waitress. You suck. Did this show have any redeeming qualities? Other than the beautiful Hyun Bin there is absolutely NO REASON to watch this show. What a complete and total waste of time. I haven't hated a show this much since Green Rose.

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