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Trees in Heaven
Trees in Heaven 2006

thanks SC for the info! i assume it's a sequel to Stairway, and the main actor and actress are the young tae-hwa and young jung-suh!! :) trees seems cooler than stairway as it is a mix of japanese and korean celebrities!! :D

Trees in Heaven
Trees in Heaven 2006

is the main actress the same actress from stairway to heaven?

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West
When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 2008

Yes she did well but her characters are always being stereotyped to be the same goody-two-shoes. in my opinion she should play more characters as season from mig (dont remember the name of the drama), chow chi yeurk, and the granddaughter from "maiden's vow"

Love or Bread
Love or Bread 2008

I think people will watch this because their fans of Ariel and Joe, my sis says its boring thou..

A Smiling Ghost Story
A Smiling Ghost Story 1999

I watched it too when I was younger. Love the pairings, and love the ending! It was really unexpected.
P.s the guy who acted as the ghost did some international advert.. was it with cough medicine? forgot.

Hero of the Times 1999

the guy who poison lady fall in love with him, he is acted by rayson tan right? then she get pregnant.. but she have to act like the baby is the bad guy's coz she keep secret that the bad guy (ix shen) castrated himself..
thats wat i remember

The Winter Melon Tale
The Winter Melon Tale 2009

oh, issit? it looks funny though in the poster

Marriage of Inconvenience
Marriage of Inconvenience 2007

agree,, wana watch it again

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West
When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 2008

overall great show coz Joe does well whether acting evil or good characters, and this show captures both his good n evil side :) however the scene where he and Charmaine sleep at the last episode was a bit too rushed.. and there was too much time wasted with Charmaine and Joe's brother, her first love.

Wasabi Mon Amour
Wasabi Mon Amour 2008

the only good episodes are in the episodes 18-20 i suppose ^^

Relentless Justice
Relentless Justice 2006

Lol i watched this.. the main villain is the guy from the "sweet family" tin suen ye ye by TVB who act as the singer..the eldest grandson whose name is "Freeman".. his looks are a bit unconvincing for the role but otherwise Patrick, Amy and the actress who acted as his godmother were good nevertheless

Princess Huai Yu
Princess Huai Yu 2000

I dont agree with the review that it is worth 5/5 because the drama is relatively boring and unrealistic. There is no distinct barrier between comedy and reality. Kangxi doesnt fall in love with a chinese girl, I believe. Perhaps the drama is a copycat drama of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, but it's a rather waste of time with more than 100 episodes long and there were too many unnecessary characters such as Ming JinCheng who loved Cheng Ying, Jiang ZuPing who wanted to kill Eric,the prince guy who nearly got castrated, blabla. And why on earth is there only one consort?! He should have more and there should be more rivalry. Some more the woman, despite her beauty, looks much older than him. Apparently she is, as Kangxi said that his mother placed her in charge since he was much younger, but she didnt have to look like a big sister in front of him. perhaps the series focused on too many characters at once, I would prefer it Simple and Clean, but there is too much rubbish needing cleaning that it doesnt balance out with the "serious" parts like when Huai Yu's brother gets whipped by the Cheng father for Huai Yu's crime. I liked Huai yu's maid, but she disappeared somewhere in the middle. and palace crimes never end. "wu mei niang" is preferable.

Hua Mulan
Hua Mulan 1999

Well said, this series is as Splash described, his/her review is abit similar to the one i wrote some time ago but got deleted/lost as my harddisk was corrupted. I still prefer the Marianne Chan version which sticks more to history and her siblings (they used the real names). I like Dong Xiao Yan here, but here's nothing compared to her role in Zhao and Alyssa's Miracle Healer. She did a way better job there! Anyway, she is one of my fave actress, I made a fansite for her once but was deleted due to inactivity of my geocities/yahoo. ZWZ was quite new to acting here, wasnt that good at that time.

Maiden's Vow
Maiden's Vow 2006

I dont get why Charmaine has to be the one to portray all 4 women.

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