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Why Why Love
Why Why Love 2007

yea., ds is very beutiful and this is so great^^ heheü so you gotta watch this out..

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2007

i think this is better than the taiwanese., this is so smple and short but gives a great impact., hahaha! and mizuki is pretier than ella., hahaha!

Devil Beside You
Devil Beside You 2005

i rily love mike he and rainie yang, mike he is so damn handsome.. whooa.! i was really love at first sight to him in love contract he was just so simple in love contract but in DBY and why why love he became more handsome.. hahah!

i like this drama because it is not so heavy and kinda makes me smile in there small things or actions.. and even there small actions it could make me "kilig".. haha!

Why Why Love
Why Why Love 2007

this made me cry., i thought huo yan would die., whew,!

Why Why Love
Why Why Love 2007

oh my god.! i rily love this one^^., heheü but devil beside you is still better than this., heehe^^ and i love the both of them., mike he(he jun xiang) and rainie yang(yang chen lin)..

i rily love it.!

Hana Yori Dango
Hana Yori Dango 2005

this is the only japanese drama that made me laugh and cry., waaaa.! and i olso love the 2 of this.,

i love ol of dem.,!!! waaa.!

Hana Yori Dango 2
Hana Yori Dango 2 2007

i love hanayori dango.! biut the two made my heart rily sank., oh my gosh.! as in i cried a lot..ü the scenes were so touching.,

akira and sojiro were quiet good looking guys..ü

love this drama.!!

Green Forest, My Home
Green Forest, My Home 2005

waaa.! i never really thought that this drama would turn out into so great, and i thought this would only be so boring., but this is soo GOOD.! yuan fang was so handsome, oh my.! this drama makes me so crazy.. hahaha!

i love the characters and the sory line, so good.!

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

this drama really make my world upside down. waa.! i don't even study my lessons just to finis the 30 episodes., i thought thi drama is quiet not good but the first scene really caught my attention when xiang qin gave a letter to zhi shu and zhi shu just ignored it., and it stuck me to watch ISWAK.. heheü my fave part their was in d olmost end part when they were both in the rain and zhi shu was confessing his love with xiang qin.. oh! it really made me cry a lot, it was so touching and so sweet.! and during the wedding it really made me laugh a lot it was so funny at all exchanging their dresses. lol.!

joe cheng and ariel lin had a great chemistry that made a lot of people liked them so much, how i wish i could see them both in the near future,. and i can't wait for the part 2 of it. ywo thumbs up for joe chend and ariel!

Love Contract
Love Contract 2005

At first, I really find this not that interesting movie but i just continue watching as I go along i realized that this movie is really good, the values of friendship and being resposible to it.

oh my god. mike he is so damn hansome and they've got a chemistry between him and ariel lin.ü they were really a nice couple and i even envy their sweetness.! ohh., i dont have someone like mike he how i wish in the future.

but i was really kinda confuse about the ending, i was really puzzled a lot, i really didn't understand it, and xiao bai was even there where in fact he was actually dead there. waaa.! so confusing.ü but it's a great show with a great characters. good job.!ü

It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again
It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again 2007

oh my gosh.! i cant wait for this. urgh=/ i think this is still currntly airing in taiwan ryt?! hahay.ü wen could i still get a dvd on this. waa.! maybe three years from now. waa.!

hope that this would be also great as the part 1.,

Bleach 2004

hmm. i really admire this anime a lot but i wasnt able to continue watching this one because this is really quiet long., whooa.!

but i could say that this is anime is really great though i wasn't able to finish this..

Death Note
Death Note 2006

hmm., oh my goosh.! i was suppose to watch this anime and i nearly bought a dvd on this but a close friend of mine said that this anime is quiet not good. so why bother buy this. uh-huh!?

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