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Ten Brothers
Ten Brothers 2005

haha i like ten brother
the youngest one is caleld jeffery wong right? and he is jacky wu

Dicey Business
Dicey Business 2006

FOR GOD SAKE IT'S NOT A MOVIE! IT'S A SERIES OR SHOW i dont think its livers i think it's kidney. i love this series it's perfect. I'm like totally in love with this show. and NOO! it's not for old people it's for every age. me and my sister watches it! and im 13 for heaven's sake. Jessica and Bobby looks better when they are just friends then DATING. i like tavia and bosco looks so cute together and they look cute together in heart of greed too. haha who think bosco look better with tavia then myolie? or myolie look better with bosco? i think myolie looks better with bosco. They seem to have the friendship. lol iuno.. and bobby is so fat and cute in that series. not like good looking cute but like chubby and fat cute. lol and bosco's ahir is so up there. I grew over the series. It was sad when tavia and bosco was about to marry but bosco left tavia. but they still end up togther yeah!

Women on the Run
Women on the Run 2005

i like this eries it' soo funny i love it
and it's totally worthwhile watching it!

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 2006

haha his mature look, i laugh
is ur last name poo? refarring to (emilypoo)
well i like this eries too it's long and good. But i didnt get to see the first few episodes. I wouldnt ahve seen it if it wasnt for summer vacation.

Maiden's Vow
Maiden's Vow 2006

this show is really interesting it's all about joe ma and charmaine sheh.

Forensic Heroes
Forensic Heroes 2006

this show is going to have a number two right? and charmaine is going to be in it.
i like this series, it's good

To Grow With Love
To Grow With Love 2006

this show is so cute
all about chiemtry
but i dont like it when everyone hates myolie because of ruining the wedding
but if she doesnt ruin the wedding then her cosuin wouldnt find her true love which is jack wu

War and Destiny
War and Destiny 2006

war and destiny is good
i've only seen episodes 9 or something on TV
it's on TV right now
I LOVE the theme song, sung by myolie. yeah, lleila tong's face looks too young, so that's why she couldnt pull off that cold four mother. Does ron gn and her end up together? and myolie ends up with sunny right? gosh i hate the father he is such a azz. and lelia's brother is such a jack***

Best Bet
Best Bet 2007

the best bet is ok

The Master of Tai Chi
The Master of Tai Chi 2008

i've ahvent seen tihs show, but it doesnt really interest me sorry

The Brink of Law
The Brink of Law 2007

why has ron ng have to die? i hat eit when main chars. die. GOD! also did steven ma die too? gosh why can't ron ng type right, instead of dop type DOG! sigh.. well it's still a good series. It's about lws right? since the title is THE BRINK OF LAW well it doesnt seem like it's about laws, onlysteven ma is a laywer. Everyone should be s lawyer so it ties in the show.

The Drive of Life
The Drive of Life 2007

the family thing is soo intense!
and the ending episodes were sooo worthwhile watching! i love the drive of life! i totally recommed people watching it!well, during the first few episodes are really boring but in the middle is realllyy intense!

Heart of Greed
Heart of Greed 2007

omg i love the heart of greed it''s so dramic! i love it, i watch it within a week since it was soo good. I love tragic shows. it was sad when linda was crying in the HOS. because raymond lam died. The car flip was awesome haha. But it was sad that he died, i thought that main char. shouldnt die. Well actually he's not that main but ehh he made it to he main castings. Was linda suppose to be with ah MO?(moses chan) Bosco and tavia was great together. It was tragic that the parents die. AND THE BACKGROUND MUSIC! I LOVE IT ALL!

War of In-Laws II
War of In-Laws II 2008


War of In-Laws II
War of In-Laws II 2008

I LOVE THIS SHOW it's so funny. Myolie is soo pretty in it. & bosco's hair is so curly haha. It'stotally worthwhile watching it. my fave. char. in that show is the uncle! lol he has such chubby cheeks!

The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day 2008

what the heck, how does koreans pose like??! it's the same for heaven's sake! each comment is about they posing like korens! anything about the show?? like what's it's mainly about and if it's worthwhile watching? ahh god.. people's these day. Well i heard that this show is really is really swweet, Ebetween kevin cheung and Niki chow's part's are tragic and sweet. On the other hand, between Bosco's and Natiatle's part is funny. Is is that true? nooppe, i've havent watched this show yet, im waiting it, to be on TV. Because i'm tired of watching shows on the computer and re-watching it on TV, im tired of knowing what is going to happen.

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