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The Drive of Life
The Drive of Life 2007

Charmaine is so pro is she can act anything the show overall is long but good.

The Gentle Crackdown II
The Gentle Crackdown II 2008

it's okay i guss but perfur the first one.

War of In-Laws II
War of In-Laws II 2008

This show is so funny i like it, but i didn't like the ending part.

The Rose
The Rose 2003

i love this dramait because of this show i'm in love with ella. Her acting skills is so good.

Reaching For the Stars
Reaching For the Stars 2005

Ella is so good this drama is okay the plot is good

Express Boy
Express Boy 2005

this isn't really good it is a bit confussing. the only reassion i watch it is because of Jin Gang the actress that got killed in a car accidant a couple of year back.

Sound of Colors
Sound of Colors 2006

Ruby is so pretty i love her. This show is sad but its really good. this is a must see.

Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006

i like this show its funny and Cindy is in there. You can watch it on mysoju, youtube, and crunchroll.

The Magicians of Love
The Magicians of Love 2006

i like ming dao but this show is kid if lame no affence but the are good parts. oh yes you can watch it at youtube.

Silence 2006

This show is so sad. why does Vic have to die?

Romantic Princess
Romantic Princess 2007

It's okay i guss but it can be a little bit longer. Yeah i like ella more than angela.

Hana Kimi
Hana Kimi 2007

Its really funny but the Japanese one is funnier. I just love Ella she is so good.

It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again
It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again 2007

Good show #1 and#2. i like #2 the best is must better than #1. Eventhoug it have a kind of a sad ending.

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