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Better Halves
Better Halves 2003

this is one of the funniest show ever. i think it kept repeating on cable and i just kept watching the repeats; it was that interesting :D:D

The Gateau Affairs
The Gateau Affairs 2005

i love this show. i thought that how myolie and joe got together wasn't all that fake.. just sooo predictable though.lolx. you know that joe and myolie's gonna end up together and you know that she would make it.. there's nothing surprsing..

i think the supporting cast were more interesting. loved annie's spoiled rich girl,totally adorable jacky zai and that dude who annie ended up with. they were super hilarious. but my fav have to be bobo and jack's love story.. they were just too cute together. :D:D

The Building Blocks of Life
The Building Blocks of Life 2007

i prefer christine's and tavia's role so much more than alex's. he was quite the jerk in my opinion and the script is a bit weird towards the center and end. i had great expectations for the series cuz of the car crash but it turned out to be nothing special. this series could be so much more but instead, they concentrated on alex's character which is sooo wrong cuz the main highlight of the show is what?? i don't think there's a main highlight at all.

nevertheless, i enjoyed the parts where tavia and christine came out as they at least had more feelings than alex's character despite the fact that he was the one who needed to have more feelings since he was so called "having an affair".

Fathers and Sons
Fathers and Sons 2007

the cast had so much chemistry with one another. even for the kids. loved the series.

Heart of Greed
Heart of Greed 2007

HOG was really entertaining for me, minus the Rayda scenes. I am amazed that there are people out there who don't like the Rayda scenes like me.. It's like.. I seem to be the only one who thinks that Sheung Joi Sum and Alfred together equals incredibly boring & incredibly irritating. Irritating cuz they were fighting all the time. When Alfred wrote his dairy for SJS, I was just hoping that SJS will forgive him so that he would stop that cuz it's really boring. I mean, OK, we get it. He's repentant. Too much of something isn't very good.

But nevertheless, other than that, I loved the whole show. Why is Tavia given so little screentime though? I was expecting more.. I mean, she's part of the family and yet she gets lesser screentime than Raymond. That's kinda sad cuz Jackie was way more interesting than Alfred.

Forensic Heroes
Forensic Heroes 2006

almondmilkshake says:
Doesn't anyone feel the high pitched Ding Ding is annoying?

>>> I do. I found Ding Ding totally annoying here and feels that she overacts. LOLx. I think I am like one of the few who feels this way. She's SO irritating.

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