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Man in Charge
Man in Charge 2008

good storyline eventhough familiar but spoilt by a group of actors that cannot act. kenneth ma is irritating at best, kate tsui is annoying and overact, matthew ko has only one expression all thru the series, leila tong was cute but now that she is in her 20s shud not act the same way...

what a waste!

Rosy Business
Rosy Business 2009

too many similarity to safe guards i.e. scene with the will; father dying; kara hui (3rd mistress) dying. however, it's refreshing to see wayne lai in a lead role and sharon is brilliant. kiki sheung's b*tchy role is good too, so is susan tse.

E.U. 2009

i'm not a big fan of ron ng or sammul chan but they have certainly improved over the 3 series. hopefully, with talks of Academy 4, they will continue with the same people. it was disapointing to c fiona sit, tavia and michael tao not returned to the 3rd instalment.

Armed Reaction IV
Armed Reaction IV 2004

i find AR4 annoying cos it focuses so much on love and not cases. and i don't understand why ada's character attracts so many men - no explanation on why frankie's character falls for her (esp when he has so many beautiful gf) and why ada was selected as police spokeswoman (when she is only a PC and no experience on tv)... really dissapointed.

Managing Love
Managing Love 2002

A must for Jackie Lui's fans. His acting is brilliant. All 4 leads are fantastic actors.

Healing Hearts
Healing Hearts 2001

the only good thing about this series is jackie lui. he is brilliant but unfortunately, we don't see much of him anymore. his chemistry with valerie chow is great. too bad valerie decided not to act anymore.
the worst most unbearable bit is the singaporean 'louis koo' (oh my god!) what resemblance??? his acting is so horrid that i had to fastforward all his scenes.

the story line is haphazard - don't understand why everybody who ends up in A&E dies (in healing hands, they all live); don't understand why jackie must lose all his cases to valerie (he is suppose to be a brilliant and crooked lawyer).

you have to be a real fan of any of the actor to bear thru the story line. but again, hoping to see more of jackie liu in the future

Rural Hero
Rural Hero 1998

this is an entertaining series. unfortunately spoiled but some lousy acting. the worst is chillie poon - that woman cannot act. her role shud have been played by fiona yuen, the other supporting role. it was a pity the guy who played jackie's best friend (tin yau) did not get more airplay. i've seen him in a lot of series and he is brilliant.

the casting of jackie and jessica just doesn't work out, jessica looks old than the much younger looking jackie. in fact, jessica looks older than roger kwok who played her big brother.

if u want an entertaining insight to living in a village and looking at some values in life, this is a good start. the cases are exciting too.

On the First Beat
On the First Beat 2007

it's not as bad... obviously, some scenes don't make sense. and of course, it was unfortunate that it was plagued by the michael-sonija saga. i especially like the part on their training and the action is good. i really like power chan and chin ka lok, wish they have more screen time instead of focusing on ron-joey or michael-sonija repeated scenes (the always talk about the same thing). i think the worst part is the kate tsui-ron crush (waste of time). it wud have been a brilliant series if they concentrate more on police work than love stories which doesn't make sense.

The Ultimate Crime Fighter
The Ultimate Crime Fighter 2007

it started off pretty intense and intriguing but then, it became kinda predictable. as mentione by raptor25rs, it's suppose to be an action show but i think they wasted too much time concentrating on how moses rejected gigi in the beginning. cud have cut a long story short. i particularly like bryan leung's character, he is funny, likeable, realistic figure and great to see he can also potray how sad he was when gigi died (oops!). never understand why natalie tong always wants to play the 'silly' role - she did it again in the building blocks of life. never expected to see 'tv king' kevin cheng playing a baddie role but it's not that bad. i quite like his character cos all he did wrong was trying to protect his family and himself.

Survivor's Law II
Survivor's Law II 2007

i wouldn't say it's that bad probably bcos i read all the bad review b4 watching. i never really like sammul or kenneth (nothing personal) but then the series was funny and relaxing - that's what watching tv is about - to relax. i like the way it touches on real issues eg how normal people like u/me being 'bullied' by big corporates, how gals sometimes totally believe what lout bf says... try it, it's not that bad

The Building Blocks of Life
The Building Blocks of Life 2007

i've always like alex fong but then his clothes stink in the series (understandable for his role though). christine's role is fun, witty and very humane as what she wants in life is what most of us would be happy with. as usual power chan shines in his role and it is real unfortunate that he doesn't have bigger roles.

storyline wise, nothing to shout about.

Wasabi Mon Amour
Wasabi Mon Amour 2008

i have watch until episode 10 and must say i cannot finish the series. louisa looks silly in this role trying to act/pretend to be at least 10 years younger than she is in the series. michael tao is just 'not right'in this lovey dovey role. it also wasted bernice liu's beautiful smile as she acted in such a serious role.

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