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Oh! My Lady
Oh! My Lady 2010

I really did enjoy watching this series! Si Won's performance was good enough to get your interest to watch this series, not to mention his gorgeous body & as a good singer! Also I love the kid, she's really so adorable!

really worth to watch! highly recommended!

All In
All In 2003

love this drama, they were really destined for each other... its entirety are worth to watch..

Will It Snow For Christmas?
Will It Snow For Christmas? 2009

I have nothing much to say about this drama aside from simple but complicated plot of story, its just that it took so long years before the conclusion ended.. not that type of story.. and I think there's no chemistry between the lead actors...

Worlds Within
Worlds Within 2008

i like both hyun bin and song hye kyo, they are really have something.. though sometimes you wondered why are they fighting such petty things but still i love both of them... the entirety of of this series is worth to watch knowing how really a drama series worked behind the scenes...

Pasta 2010

Chef & Yoo Kyung was sooo adorable! there's really chemistry between them, they're love story was so cute & funny, smile will surely be seen in your face, love them! I really did enjoy watching it's every episode! as in! and the food really makes you hungry while watching it especially if you're a pasta lover, like me!

worth to watch! highly recommended!

Knock Knock Loving You
Knock Knock Loving You 2009

Im kinda disappointed in this series, as good actor as Ming Dao and as cute as he is, why did he end up with this kind of drama? dahhh... there's nothing to be interested with it especially the ending, what kind of story was that...but still I only ended up watching it bcoz of Ming..

Spring Waltz
Spring Waltz 2006

really like the story, the setting in the island made the series be touched with it.. like the character of Daniel, I'm so in it, i really love Philip... I really enjoyed watching it especially the soundtrack was also a good one...

Down With Love
Down With Love 2010

still Jerry Yan was so cutie and Ella so adorable, I really like her... nice chemistry for both of them... simple story but entertainingly to watch...enjoy it!

Personal Preference
Personal Preference 2010

lee min ho was so adorable, he's so good in portraying his role, there are lot funny and cute scenes.. i think there's a chemistry between him and son ye jin... simple story but surely it will captivates you to watch it until the end...

like it! highly recommended!

The Devil
The Devil 2007

one of the suspense-drama I've ever watched... one of the best! even though it has a sad ending but it's entirety are worth to watch.. every episodes are heart-stopping one, you can feel the portrayal characters of the actors...

so like it...

Attic Cat
Attic Cat 2003

Rae Won is really one of the best actor in Korea, he's so adorable... a simple story of struggling to cope up a relationship, nothing much to excite for but there are lots of funny scenes still like though...

Sad Love Song
Sad Love Song 2005

there's nothing to thrilled about the story but still the curiosity is still within it, what will happened if Joon-young knew that his friend Gunwoo is inlove with the same girl, Haein... simple plot of story, too much drama...

Beethoven Virus
Beethoven Virus 2008

Maestro Kang character was really good... simple story but yet entertainingly to watch, love all the concert scenes...

Trees in Heaven
Trees in Heaven 2006

park shin hye and lee wan was very good in portraying their roles, they can show the true emotions within them that as you watched it you can feel their love for each other though it has a sad ending still i enjoyed watching it... a heart-felt movie.. worth to watch!

Stars Falling From the Sky
Stars Falling From the Sky 2010

really love the kids especially Parang & Nami, they're so adorable! i love everytime Pal Kang & kang had a pity argument, they're so cute too, over all i love this series, i find myself enjoy watching it! a must see series!

The Painter of the Wind
The Painter of the Wind 2008

there's nothing much to fond of in this story, but Moon Geun Young is really exceptional, she's really good in portraying her character.. I just hop there's a love story in between them but of course it cant be bcoz of the gap of the age...

Gourmet 2008

one of the best drama ever! a heart-felt one! there are lots of scenes that I truly hooked on to it and not knowing that it made me cried so many times and also tensed to all the cooking competitions! love it!

a worth to watch series!... im really craving now on korean foods... yum! yum!

Prince Hours (Goong S)
Prince Hours (Goong S) 2007

simple story, goong (princess hours) is way lot better than this but still i did enjoy watching it especially how lee hoo fight his love for soon ae and the competition for the the two prince....

Queen Seon Duk
Queen Seon Duk 2009

love this drama! for sure every character in this drama will be remembered, they're so good portraying it especially the lead actors and actress! got so disappointed a little bit in the last episode bcoz of bidam, but well that's the story goes.. its entirety are worth to watch!! super highly recommended!

Autumn's Concerto
Autumn's Concerto 2009

one thing's for sure, Xiao Le was really adorable, soooo cute! love him! the story was good enough that I want to finish it all the way, good plot... worth to watch!

Style 2009

love the shoes, dresses, bags and accessories... simple story yet for me its worth to watch, you can see how really works in a fashion industry, and as may I say, its really hard duh!

Hi, My Sweetheart
Hi, My Sweetheart 2009

love Da Lang! da lang.. da lang.. hahahah... Show did a great job here, his performance was really best fit for him... so cutie and funny!!! Rainie, one of the best too!!!

Love the series!!

Momo Love
Momo Love 2009

another good drama for Jiro Wang, a good portrayal...he again excel for his acting...what a big family, a good one! simple story yet I still enjoy watching it! I love Yu Yi and the 4 brothers, I hope I had one too! hahahaha...

You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful 2009

one of the best ever! one of my favorite! all are perfect, from plot of story, actors and their portrayal and of course the soundtrack!

im really happy with this series! worth to watch! highly recommended!

IRIS 2009

one of the best drama-action series ever! its entirety are really good, from the actors, plot of story even its soundtrack! I think there is no dull moment in it but I don't like how it ends.. so sad...

highly recommended! worth to watch!

Easy Fortune Happy Life
Easy Fortune Happy Life 2009

i like this drama, Chiao En was really good portraying her role.. the entirety of the story was really worth to watch!!!

My Queen
My Queen 2009

ethan was really adorable! a kind of love that was different from other series! nice to watch!

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady 2009

simple plot of story but still I enjoyed watching it,

My 19 Year Old Sister In Law
My 19 Year Old Sister In Law 2005

simple story but yet I still enjoyed watching it especially that Hae Won fall for the brother instead of the doctor...

Black & White
Black & White 2009

I really love this series!! the entirety of the story, from the plot to the characters, and the twist was really heart stopping, the mysterious type of story and characters, you didn't even know who's the good and bad...

one of the best taiwan series ever! really different from others... Vic Zhou and Mark Chao really did a great job in portraying their role.. I hope they will win in best actor category in upcoming Golden Bell Awards...

worth to watch! highly recommended!

Which Star Are You From
Which Star Are You From 2006

I love this series, roller kind of emotions... I really adore Kim Rae Won... the entirety of the story are really so good, no dull moments...

worth to watch... highly recommended!

Cinderella Man
Cinderella Man 2009

there's nothing much in this series, so sad cause the fact that Sang Woo was the lead character but the plot of the story was so lame that for the few episodes I got bored to it, the exciting part can only be seen on the last few episodes...

Shining Inheritance
Shining Inheritance 2009

i love this series! it's entirety are really worth to watch! a roller coaster kind of feeling! the actors were very good in portraying their respective roles especially to Eun Woo! the soundtrack were also good!

highly recommended!

Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven 2003

as expected Sang Woo did a great job in portraying his role... the entirety of it was so really worth to watch even if it has sad ending still it captivates me, a heart warming love story!!

Summer Scent
Summer Scent 2003

love this series! can feel the pain in heart, its entirety were really worth to watch, the twist and plot are so superb!

Mars 2004

still on my nth time of watching this, still one of the best!

ToGetHer 2009

Rainie Yang's (Momo) character was quite unusal coz less talk but more eye expression, one of her best quality as an artist but I was bother by her mushroom hair, anyways she's still good.. by the way thanks to Prince Kashiba for the encouragement, so cutie...

Jiro Wang (Mars) was so adorable here, so cool!!! He was good to portray his role... George Hu was quite indeed superb, he really does well in a childish act... credit to the manager (Yi Zhi), best of friend...

really love this series! its entirety, the relationships and sacrifices... love the soundtrack... worth to watch...


Winter Sonata
Winter Sonata 2002

yujin & joonsang are really destined to each other after all the conflicts they had to surpassed, but the series took long (20 episodes) just to collaborate a simple plot that it can only take in lesser episodes and the finale are too simple after all they've gone thru...

The Hospital
The Hospital 2006

it took me for how many days after i finished watching it, the drama really shows how the reality was been in a hospital, there are some scenes that captures me, the actors are really great....

Magical Love
Magical Love 2002

i did not finish watching it... i did not like it.

Endless Love
Endless Love 2000

a heart breaking series! i cried a lot in this series, one of the best even if it has sad plot still the entirety was very good... worth to watch! one of my favorite!

Only You
Only You 2005

love this series... lot better than the other version... worth to watch!

Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
Sassy Girl Chun Hyang 2005

jae hee was so adorable in this series, one of my fave actor in korea, the plot of story was very interesting to watch, im really fond of watching this, i did enjoy it...

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2007

Even though it has a good ending still I prefer the taiwan version especially the chemistry of ella and wu, unlike in here i dont see any interest with the 2 lead actors... but overall i still enjoy watching this series especially nakatzu...

Bad Love
Bad Love 2007

it breaks my heart! it makes me really crazy watching this series! got so affected lots of times!

Bad Love
Bad Love 2007

what a series! I really got hooked to it! A heart stopping drama! love it so much! highly recommended! really worth to watch!

the plot and twist of story were really interesting to watch, it seems that i already want to finish watching it even if it is only on the first episode!!!

waahhh! it really got affected to it! very good drama!

Lavender 2002

nice drama, nice soundtrack, but I just hope that the baby lives but unfortunately they both died at the same time... so sad... but worth to watch..

Miss No Good
Miss No Good 2008

well even though Xiao Hua's voice are sometimes irritating but over all I find myself watching it happily, I really fond of its comedy scenes I cant help myself but to laugh at it, as in, I did enjoy watching this series. I like its simpleness of the story and its supporting casts... but the ending part was did not support the wholeness of the story, It was not satisfied enough...

Wilber Pan was so cutie....

deng, deng, deng, deng, deng,(9x) (ha ha ha waht a funny joke!)

Brown Sugar Macchiato
Brown Sugar Macchiato 2007

the boys are so cutie... the girls are so adorable... its fond to watch this series, simple but it can make you laugh at it... i have fun watching it, as in...

Love or Bread
Love or Bread 2008

Kinda disappointed with it, the plot of the story was so lame that sometimes I got bored to it. Joe was over at his comedic role. Nothing to interest with.

Love or Bread
Love or Bread 2008

not so good...

Witch Amusement
Witch Amusement 2007

I love the series, the entirety of it from the cast, soundtrack and especially the plot of the story... the love story of Moo Ryong and Yoo Hee was so cute to watch, love it...

Worth to watch...

1 Litre of Tears
1 Litre of Tears 2005

A heart warming story ever! It really indeed can make you cry, I did, a lot!

Even though there's a lot of sad moments but still Aya showed that in her difficult times of suffering from her disease, she never gave up! And also I like how her family shows their support and love, it's really amazing!

Worth to watch, it can move you every episodes!

Hana Yori Dango 2
Hana Yori Dango 2 2007

after watching it i still prefer meteor garden and boys over flowers but what i like in this series was the movie... i like the plot of story and how the love story of makino and domyouji ends, love the wedding part...

Rolling Love
Rolling Love 2008

The reason I've watched this was because of Danson and Jiro were the lead actors but unfortunately the story was so simple that sometimes it makes you bored to continue it... I just find it ok...

Boys Over Flowers
Boys Over Flowers 2008

OMG! i really love this series! the entirety of it from cast, story and even the soundtrack are superb!

i did not expect that it turn out so well, compared to meteor garden there are some similarities but lots of added scenes, i think both series have to their own story to make it so good and interesting to watch.

highly recommended! worth to watch!

Rolling Love
Rolling Love 2008

i want to eat fried rice!!!!

Full House
Full House 2004

the series was good enough that can make you smile every time the two lead actors got into fight but for me the story was lock of romantic scenes that you can only shown until the last episodes, maybe it will be nice if they also include the pros and cons of having a relationship with an actor, but over all, I still fond of watching this series.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007

aside from princess hours, Eun Hye's character here was so adorable... I love this series, well I think the entirety of it, the cast and the story... Really love it! especially all the scenes of Gong Yoo and Eun Hye, a heart-stopping and roller-coaster kind of emotions...

Highly recommended! Worth to watch!

Tomorrow 2002

the reason why i watched this series is because of rainie... and i think some scenes was quite boring, there's nothing in about the story, it just all about friendships and love, it only evolves among the main cast... so sad that it did not satisfy that much still it has an happy ending...

Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You 2008

One of my favorite series! I like seeing Ethan's comedic side, every episodes are worth to watch, the twists of the story is really a heart stopping one! The entirety of it including the actors, story and soundtrack are superb!

Highly recommended!

Hot Shot
Hot Shot 2008

Love it so much!!! all the basketball tournaments are sooo heart stopping!!!

I really love the character of Show Lo, he's so funny, he really did a great job for the portrayal of his role also with Jerry Yan, he's so cute when seeing his comedic role while Wu Chun is so mysterious type but still cute!!!

A highly recommended series! Worth to watch! By the way, I like it scenes when they dance! so cool! and the soundtrack too, love it, like to dance!!! Love YOU guys!!

Green Forest, My Home
Green Forest, My Home 2005

I only enjoy watching this series until the last 3 episodes, there's nothing much in the first few episodes... I prefer Sophie to end up with Owen than William... Ethan is so (super) cute in this series!!

Bull Fighting
Bull Fighting 2007

sad to say but I only enjoy watching it until the last 3 episodes, i really try to finish it coz im a Mike He fan.. i think there's something lack in the story or maybe some scenes are quite boring... but still i fond the comedic scenes of Hebe and Mike...

Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You 2008

so this why it got the highest rating so far in Taiwan! Well, they deserve it! I like it so much! The entirety of story, cast and soundtrack, perfect! And I think Ethan and Chen had screen chemistry! Love them!

worth to watch! highly recommended!

The Mischievous Princess
The Mischievous Princess 2005

well, kinda fond of watching this series, simple but not much captivated with, still there are some scenes that are nice to watch except for those long conversations..

I like the chracter of Jang Nara she really good in portraying her role. But I think there are no screen chemistry between her and Alec Su...

I find the ending quite not satisfied coz maybe I want something more to happened (sad to say no wedding scenes between the emperor and little lobster) but anyway I like the entirety of it.

MVP Valentine
MVP Valentine 2002

one of the best! love it! I prefer xiaoxi to end up with prince instead of cheng fung... the basketball tournaments was so cool very nice to watch!

this series was really worth to watch! a heart warming one! and the soundtrack was also good love the songs of 5566!

highly recommended! bravo!

Bump Off Lover 17
Bump Off Lover 17 2006

I may say this is one of the Taiwan series that are really interesting to watch, every episodes are worth to watch, and it really explains every episodes of it... highly recommended...

Reaching For the Stars
Reaching For the Stars 2005

I find the story so simple nothing to captivated with but I like the love story of Ren Jie and Zheng Hao, the performance of S.H.E. is ok with me, and the soundtrack was also good.

Kung Fu Dunk
Kung Fu Dunk 2008

I agree with that, there's something missing in this movie, I want some more but it seems the plot of the story is not satisfying...

The Magicians of Love
The Magicians of Love 2006

I thought this was not a good series bcoz I got bored in the first 5 episodes of it BUT I was wrong it seems in the end I like it very much, the good plot of it was in the middle part till end... there are lots of secrets and twists in this story.

I love the character of Sam Wang than Ming Dao but all in all, the actors, plot of story was really good. I much prefer this one than Frog Prince. Worth to watch!

Tokyo Juliet
Tokyo Juliet 2006

I like this series, especially all the fashion shows and all the design seen in this drama. The story is really worth to watch. Ariel and Wu's chemistry is really good, they did a good job in their respective role. And I may say, I like all the dress they wear, its so really fashionista...

I really did enjoy watching this series.

Hot Shot
Hot Shot 2008

i watched episode 1 so far and i find it really so good and funny, love it! especially Allan Luo, he is really so good in doing comedic act! cant wait to finish it... still Jerry & Wu are so cute!

Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006


Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006

my favotite scenes: ALL!!! no exceptions! every episode of it was perfectly made from the story, characters and also the soundtrack! i love the family of xiao shi! the romance between her and he qun was really fun to watch!!

love it! highly recommended! worth to watch!

My Sassy Girl
My Sassy Girl 2001

I find the story so interesting! The lead characters did a great job in their role. There are lots of touchy scenes, a heart warming one! I like it!

The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog
The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog 2005

One thing's for sure, Ming Dao is so cute! his eyes is so expressive, the other lead actors did great job in their roles, especially the funny ones.

Simple story but still it catch my interest to watch it with the flow of the story, the sound and visual effects (so funny!).

My least fave character is Yunxi, her fashion style especially the earings and the psycho thingy! dah!

favorite scenes

- when JH live as Tanggao, how he manage to live a simple life
- when TY call the radio station and tell about her love story not knowing that JH was also listening
-when JH & TY trapped in elevator and cave
-when TY paste the pieces of paper that was shred and the accidental kiss wid Zi Qian
-Episodes 21 LOL! & 30
-Zi Qian best moment when his mom died
-JH trying to get back to TY
-JH & TY date in roof top, when he said "wo ai ni..."

All in all, I fnd this series ok, not the best but still I still find it so interesting and funny and that's ok with me, story and chracter wise are also ok but less feeling of romance for the lead actors...

Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden 2001

the first taiwan drama series i got hooked to it, actually got addicted to it! everything is perfectly made from the actors, story and even the soundtrack! just have no idea what are the crazy things ive done just to be "part" of it...

its also the first asian series that was been a phenomenal hit here in our country!

Silence 2006

i love the series, i got hooked to it that even i finished watching it the story and the songs are still in me... vic zhu did another good job in here, i think there were no other actor can do it aside from him...

how you sacrifice and how you can show your love really makes you crazy but realizing that as long as it can make your love one happy even it will hurt you that much i think its better to do it...

even if it has a sad ending (there are lots of heart stopping moments in last episode!!) still it manage to show how life should go on even if you lose someone...

there are lots of memorable scenes (i think all of them)... one of my favorite... highly recommended...

Wish to See You Again
Wish to See You Again 2008

I just wonder why Megan Lai is always on Vic Zhou's series (Meteor Garden, Mars, Silence, Sweet Relationship, and one episode in Wish to See you Again) anyone knows?

Sweet Relationship
Sweet Relationship 2007

I just wonder why Megan Lai is always on Vic Zhou's series (Meteor Garden, Mars, Silence, Sweet Relationship, and one episode in Wish to See you Again) anyone knows?

Silence 2006

I just started to watch it last night, and bcoz of all the reviews and comments written here, I even want to finish it right away! ha ha ha. Maybe additional comment after I finished it.

I just wonder why Megan Lai is always on Vic Zhou's series (Meteor Garden, Mars, Silence, Sweet Relationship, and one episode in Wish to See you Again) anyone knows?

The Rose
The Rose 2003

There are lots of scenes that I think it should not be included but still this series really deserve to won the 2004 Best Drama Award, the conflict between family relationship, incest and homosexuality are interesting to watch.

I love all the scenes of Kui and Bai He, so sad that they cant be together coz I think there is no screen chemistry between Bai He and Jin but I like how they develop their love story. I love episode 17 the most!

Sad to say you can stay to watch it if youre only a fan of Ella or Joe Cheng... but while the story nears to end I find fun to watch.

Princess Hours (Goong)
Princess Hours (Goong) 2006

When it was aired here in our country in 2006, I was not even got interested to watch it but I dont know what happened, when I got a glimpsed of it, I was already been hooked to it, so I managed to have dvd copy, and my instinct was right. The whole series was perfectly made from the plot to actors even the soundtrack! I love it! And in some scenes I got so affected that in times I got to laugh or even cried without noticing it, the flow of the story is just amazing! Worth to watch! The only Korean drama series that I can highly recommend.

My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star 2007

heart stopping! roller coaster ride of emotions! what can you ask for?!!!

My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star 2007

You guys are soooo right! this is really one of the best drama series! I can't help my self to appreciate it that much bcoz I really got hooked to it (watching it til 2am)especially from episode 11 until to the last one, it was perfectly made!

Choosing between love and family, keeping secrets all that long that you even sacrifice for it, wow! I think thats the reason enough why so many people love this series! (that includes me ha ha ha)

Love the story! Worth to watch! Highly recommended!

The Rose
The Rose 2003

I find the story really interesting especially the relationship with in the family... one reason I watch this (still more episodes to watch) because of Ella and Joe Cheng... I find their characters really so different compared to Hana Kimi and ISWAK, but still their cute...

Cant wait to see what will happened to the final episode... till next comment...

Hana Kimi
Hana Kimi 2007

One of my favorite series ever!!! Everyting is perfect from story to actors!!! Worth to watch! Highly recommended!

Im very hooked in this series!

My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star 2007

I just started to watch the 1st episode last night, because I was curious about all the comments here that it was good to watch, and I find it ok, well cant tell that early until I finished it. Actually I had the copy of this dvd long time ago but I did not watch it right away maybe because the lead characters are not popular (for me!).

Well, I will tell my comment after I finished it, let's see if I will have the same comments as written here... excited huh?!

Sweet Relationship
Sweet Relationship 2007

I love the foods, so yummy! (lots of things to learn about cooking!) Though it took so long (until the last espisode) that Zi Tian confess his feelings to Bai Hui still I find this drama ok, simple story but still it captured my interest to watch it. Actually I find some scenes so funny that I cant help to laugh. The characters of the lead actors were portrayed so good especially Vic... I love the character of He Ma... I love the soundtrack...

Sweet Relationship
Sweet Relationship 2007

Im just starting watching it last night... It was so-so, I still not get hooked to it... wait till I finished it...

Love Contract
Love Contract 2005

I really find this story so interesting, and Im so happy with the character of Mike and Ariel, especially how their love started ahd how it develops...

But there are some scenes that I think should not be included but overall Its ok, I really like scenes when Mike do funny faces, he's so cute... still I find Ariel so adorable... I also like the episodes 15 to last and all the episodes og Mike and Ariel together... The friendships are so nice....

I just find the ending not to realistic, it should be finihed in a real happy ending...

It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again
It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again 2007

There will be another drama series entitled "Love or Bread" with Joe and Ariel (im glad she replaced barbie hsu) as lead characters! Yehey! Im sure this will be another worth to watch series after TKA.

It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again
It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again 2007

I finish watching it last night (actually until 3am) and until now i still not yet recover from it. I REALLY LOVE THE ENDING!!! it really affected me, the whole story was good, i think its better from ISWAK..

the actors are really good from it especially Ariel and Joe, i love thier team up, they really have chemistry... even though sometimes I dont like the way ZS treated her wife XQ, still the way he show his lover for her is trully a heart warming one!!! I love his romantic lines! I think she is pregnant! ha ha ha ha

I also love the relationships of Yu shu and Hao Mei, Ah Jin and Christine also with Ah Bu and Chaomei, the family and friend relationship are also good! How I wish I had that kind of relationship.....

Its worth to watch!! I really love it!!

It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again
It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again 2007

i just start to watch it last night so i haven't finish it but i find it really so funny even on the first episode itself, how about the rest of it?!!!! LOL

i really find Ariel so adorable!!

can't wait to finish it...

Mars 2004

one of my favorite taiwan drama series ever!!! as in!! the whole story was really worth to watch!! every episodes make my heart so deeply hooked to it!! i really like vic and barbie seeing together, the story was really different compare to other series... i also love their duet song...

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

this series is so fun to watch especially Ariel Lin, I really adore her... she's so cute... falling in love can really do crazy things...

the whole story is ok, i only got that so hooked when Joe confess his love to Ariel in rain!! so touchy!! i really love that scene!!

Romantic Princess
Romantic Princess 2007

Wu Chun's character here is more serious compare to Hana Kimi, but he still got the looks that make her fans adore him more. I only got interested only on the romantic moments of Wu and Angela, i don't like the whole story that much but in fairness the other actors did a good job in their part...

I much prefer Tokyo Juliet's story and Wu's character.. compare to Angela and Ariel.. I like Ariel more.. they're so cute together..

Devil Beside You
Devil Beside You 2005

I super love this series! those sweet moments including the romantic lines of qi yue especially ahmong really do touches me a lot! worth watching! highly recommended!

Mike He was sooo cuuteee!!!

Corner With Love
Corner With Love 2007

Cant wait for the sequel!

Corner With Love
Corner With Love 2007

I really love Corner with Love, actually its the first Taiwan series that made me cry!!! The actors are really good in their roles, Alan Luo is so cute especially when he sings to make Barbie Hsu happy... The story is really good, highly recommended, worth watching!!

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