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Hotelier 2001

i think i have watch this drama, long time ago but didnt remember much of it, so i went and watch it again 5 days ago...

Sun Jun Yong, she's pretty but her eye bags was huge!! hehe... and didint like that she was indecisive about who too choose...

Han Tae Jun, well, u knew she liked you and never take any chances.. you left and then expects her to wait for you forever?...

Frank Shin Dung Yuk, well, every woman's dream?... chase all the way to Korea... despite being "ignored", still goes back to the dense woman - heheheh

but this series makes me want to watch BYJ's The Legend (which i did, and even worse ending!!.. haha)...

The Legend
The Legend 2007

christmas break i mean... see im unhappy with the ending that 5 hours later, im (trying) to write here... not getting enough sleep, as i want to know how others interpret this drama..

didnt realise that this drama lasted nearly 2 years to film..and i guess it got a lot attention when Bae was threatening to sue journalists if they ever write anything about him and Lee being romantically involved... Lee reminds me of Moonlight REsonance/ Heart of Greed actress... i forgot the name, but they sure look similar.. and so young..

The Legend
The Legend 2007

i finish the drama during the christ break of 2008 - in 2 days!! with everyone I was looking forward for more scene between Bae and Lee, but was diassapoined... they both look wonderful together in the first episode, but towards the 23 episodes later, you wouldnt even know if they would end up together or not!

too many fighting scenes.. what was that for (got bored with it atually, drama probably could be cut to less an episodes if they reduce the fighting/warring/killing scenes) and have a better ending... maybe if they didnt have much of the warring filming, Bae wouldnt be injured much and maybe the ending would have been better!! heheh... im seriously mad with the ending... i spent 24 hours marathon on this drama... my friends warned me of the ending, but i choose to ignore it

so in the end, Dam Duk still loves Kiha?? ... not Sujini??? this is way different from what the 1st episode said and the last episode implied.... maybe scriptwriter forgot what the 1st episode history...

i get that Kiha was wronged many times, but still... 8 years pass.... what does it mean when Dam Duk breaks the bow and said that he will protect the woman??? the woman being Kiha and not Sujini??

i didnt agree that Bae and Lee won the MBC couple award, since there are barely any romantic scene between them... Coffee Prince should have gotten it rather than this one..

Last Scandal
Last Scandal 2008

Very good and happy ending drama.... the ending that many people would want to watch... this is it...

It was alo Choi Jin Shil's last drama before she ended her life... RIP CJS... :-(

The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen 2006

oh yeah, if Hyun Bin's hair was just like it was in Kim Sam Soon, im sure he would be more attractive... here it just look so messy

The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen 2006

im at ep4.... she's gonna die?... sigh... thinking if i should just jump to the last episode, coz the last 3 episodes were quite draggy as well (ep1 was great though)..

I Am Happy
I Am Happy 2008

gosh too long the episodes...

Bad Couple
Bad Couple 2007

wah... its all my comment... anyways, finish it just now and ok, its happy ending drama.. so that is what counts.. highly recomends it and i think the theme is something like Kim Sam Soon though this is happier ending...

its hilarious too - esp from ep 1 to 9 i think.. :-)

Bad Couple
Bad Couple 2007

im up to ep 14 now.... the 1st 9 episodes were really fun and funny, and i laugh several times...

however, once it reach ep 10, then the problems come.... draggy and unrealistic things happen... Dang Ja suddenly want Gi Chan back, it thought that was lame coz she wanted to "fight" it over with Gi Chan's fiancee...

Then Dang Ja's friend, the one who's getting divorce... i mean common, hubby already said that he's going out with someone else, whats the point of chasing, until to the hotel rooms... is that rationale?... i mean its very embarrassing, coz the hubby repeatedly told her to bug off...

I think I skipped either the whole of ep 12 or 13, coz i just want to see Dang Ja and Gi Chan only...

Ep 14 picked up the story between the two.. so thats good...

Bad Couple
Bad Couple 2007

Choi Gi Chan is an University Botanic Professor with the "perfect genes." The drama is about an editor of a fashion magazine, Kim Dang Ja, who suddenly develops an urge to have her own baby despite opposing the idea of marriage. The story will talk about Dang Ja striving to look for a man with perfect genes to accomplish her mission. Gi Chan happens to be her "target" in order for her to accomplish her mission. The story later develops as Dang Ja must persuade him to do it without any commitments, which is a problem because Gi Chan doesn't believe in the idea of sex before marriage.

going to watch this and see how it goes...

Que Sera Sera
Que Sera Sera 2007

hahha... i honestly tried to watch every single episode, but after just halfway through the 1st ep, i jump to the last episode... and yeah, the ending sucks.. should have been better i think...

Anyway, this drama reminds me a bit of Bad Love.. which i just finished watching..

Bad Love
Bad Love 2007

found out why he died... even the writers of the drama dont know!... hahah

Bad Love
Bad Love 2007

LOL... who actually saw every single episode of this drama coz i got questions to ask!.. I saw everyone till up to ep9... if the writers of the drama didnt make Suwan so bad, I would have wanted In Jung to end up with him... but 2nd male can NEVER overtake the main lead in getting the main actress... hahah...

Then i skipped to last 19th and 20th episode... and yes, ep 20 was really unnecessary, long boring and tiring...

what i wanted to know is, why did suwan died? cancer again?

suwan character in this drama, is too reserve that i think either the writers and directors of the drama cant direct or write properly... how can they let Suwan character either NEVER talks to In Jung, but just the gal do all the talk... ish...

Some viewers say Suwan got what he deserved, but remember, he wanted to give up everything, but if it wasnt because of his mother, he would have left that crazy family and live with In Jung, happily ever after with their baby...

yeah, love is cruel and this love story is a bad love story... hahah...


The Time Between Dog and Wolf
The Time Between Dog and Wolf 2007

by the way... the OST by MC Max is great!! must hear the song.. heheh

My Sassy Girl
My Sassy Girl 2001

i didnt like the beginning as well, was kinda slow...

halfway, i was expecting the girl to have cancer or what, typical Korean drama/movie, i thought... but of coz, have to finish the story..

thank god i did, coz the ending is so nice and lovely... happy ending, so definately a must see Korean movie, though its 7 years old.. but the story ending is the best i've seen so far in korean movie (have just watched about 5 movies though, haaa)

Highly recomended...

The Time Between Dog and Wolf
The Time Between Dog and Wolf 2007

was ok... but prefer a better ending...

this show makes me like Lee Junki even more.. hope his next drama before he enter the army (2009) will be as good as this (not Iljimae)...

Hana Kimi
Hana Kimi 2007

intially the drama is quite fast, but then it dragged....

Then Ethan Ruan character is bad... hahah.. and i hate his hair - men with short hair looks better in the end... just look at Lee Junki.. heee...

By ep 11 it got interesting because of Julia and Jiro... damned funny scene as Julia tries to make Jiro character jealous...

another 9 episodes to go.. until then... cheers

Pride 2004

dissapointed with this drama... a lot of people say its good - but i find it draggy and the ending wasnt that good.. though happy, still... didnt the girl suffer enough in her love life? 2+3 years of waiting... arghh... people do aged - u know.. haa...

ah well, my first Japanese drama for over a decade...

Pride 2004

just started to watch this... am at ep3.... my first Japanese drama... what i noticed first thing is how fast the actors talk, i cant catch up as i was reading the english sub...

probably will finish this drama by tonight, lets hope its as good as what many have said.. will write to make the final comments... heeee

Iljimae 2008

ok.. just finish the drama yesterday... wasnt as good as i expect it to be, but others might disagree...

the ending i didnt like.. but what i remembered,
1. Yong's father is soo adorable
2. young Boon Soon was soo cute, adorable as well
3. Boon Soon should end up with Yong/Geom
4. sad thing regarding Geom's sister
5. thank god both mothers survived
6. silly love between Eun Chan (thats not the right spelling, but sounds like that) and Iljime... just meet once as a child and fall in love??? not realistic at all.. and the fact that they barely know each other... godness
7. took too long to develop Iljimae
8. dare i say the dreaded word "draggy"?
9. Lee Junki's voice at the last 2 episodes sounds like he suffers from a cold
10. because its Lee Junki, have a go at this drama :-)

i will give it 3/5

Iljimae 2008

what... no one watched this yet?

will watch it after i finish "Time of Wolf and Dog" with the same main actor. Should be good since it was top1 in korea...

The Time Between Dog and Wolf
The Time Between Dog and Wolf 2007

some viewers saw this drama and recomends it highly... im now at ep12 and so far its not had, action pack and the fact that Lee Jun Ki looks far better here than in My Girl is a plus.

Some say that the drama didnt drag, but between ep9 to ep12, i was wishing that he would remember who he was... too excited? i dont know.. sat for 12 straight hours just to see something, but will not be fooled by the preview hence, will watch it after work.. ha..

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Name is Kim Sam Soon 2005

well, Kim Seon-ah is 7 years older than Hyun Bin (in reality, he was like 23 when he acted in this drama while she was nearly 30 or something or thereabout)..

well, the drama is not bad, as i guess, though the ending is questionable...

to say that to fall in love with an older women is a trend, i dont think that's a good explaination to your family... hahha...

a good watch, which i think is comparable to My Girl, though Coffee Prince is still my fav...

Wonder if Hyun Bin already go for his 2 year army thingy in Korea.. at some angle, he does look like Gong Yoo ... duno why.. haaa

Queen of the Game
Queen of the Game 2006

this drama is not bad.... love Joo Jin Mo in this series... he's hot...

duno why im into dramas that have 2 or 5 years separation - but all end happily (Korea's Coffee Prince, Taiwan's Fated to Love You and My Lucky Star)...

Joo Jin Mo needs to act more in dramas - hahha...

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007

darn - cant even edit the worng spelling - ok its "alien" ok... heee....

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007

have i said anything before this? well, just to re-cap - This is the best Korean Drama I have Ever seen!!! (Ok i have watch less than 10 Korean dramas, but this is really the best!!).

Despite what some say, there is no dragginess in the drama, the characters are so darn lovable, esp YEH and GY... so many touching scenes and dialogues (The "no matter who you are, either an aline or a guy" dialogue was cut off in Singapore, hahahh - well, no translation was provided anyway)

YEH is darn cute and she's also beautiful in her short hair... YEH is the biggest star in this drama, so i guess GY need to thank her for her believable performance, coupled with his cute and lovable acting/character portrayal to make this show Korea's Best... Cheeeeeerrrrssss.

Green Forest, My Home
Green Forest, My Home 2005

ok finish the drama... its not bad, at least got happy ending - if it was sad ending, i would have said that its a bad drama...

If fans love Leon, then they should watch this drama - hehhe

Green Forest, My Home
Green Forest, My Home 2005

Wow, this story is super super complicated... its not bad, but the complex love triangles are sometimes too much, especially involving Susan...

Love Leon Jay Williams's character.. esp the bickering between Sophie and William, at the roadside after the news conference.... now going to watch Ep 10...

Kung Fu Dunk
Kung Fu Dunk 2008

Just like Korea movie, there seemed to be something missing from the storyline.. The meeting with the father - just like that??? Taiwan and Korean movies have still a gap to catch with Hong Kong and American movies.

Watch it for the sake of Baron Chen, last seen in Fated to Love You (Taiwan's best drama ever, where he plays Dylan). Hope he get to star (main actor) in a drama a Taiwan drama.

Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You 2008

"No other idol drama has hit a rating of 10 before. FTLY is the first and only so far.

The idol drama that has the 2nd highest ratings ever is “Prince Turned to Frog” and even that only had a peak rating of 8.05 and an average rating of 6.97. FTLY beat that handsdown." - quoted from

so this mean Ethan Ruan WILL SWIM NAKED - hahah Congratulations to FTLY for having such high rating and much discussed drama across OCEANS!

Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You 2008

Great drama... very fast paced especially in the 1st 10 episode... the 21st episode should be airing in Taiwan tonight...

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

After watching the several episodes.. i find the show a bit out of sync... by episode 9 i stopped watching and just go all the way to the last 2 episodes. downloading it now but havent watch the ending.

Am a bit dissapointed that its not really good as i expected it to be - i thought the reviews were good but after watching this drama the first 1-9 episode i give up..

Reaching For the Stars
Reaching For the Stars 2005

Ok, Ella character in this drama is so good - helping the brother's illness and suffering so much.

I would have prefer that she and Anthony confess their love earlier than like 15 episodes later or so.. Anthony is hot and can anyone tell me if he's starring in any new drama?

Hebe boyfriends are all too big for her - hahha- just like in Fighting Bull. Really, the kidnapping scene is soo terrible!

Silence 2006

ohh - i hate the ending... i hate unhappy ending.. but because of this drama, i purposely watch "Wish to see you again" starring Vic Zhao and at least in that drama, its a happy ending :)

Bull Fighting
Bull Fighting 2007

hiii - tot the ending was a bit draggy - Mike He is too big for Hebe... heheh

Why Why Love
Why Why Love 2007

Hmmm... somehow i actually prefer Kingone to end up with Rainie rather than Mike He coz Kingone did one mistake yet when Mike He do several embarassing mistakes, Rainie still goes for him??

If Kingone character had been more mean or bad, then I dont mind Mike He ended up with Rainie, but he didnt. Until the end of the show, he still didnt end up with the other girl who obviously crazy for him (ok, cant recall the name already).

What is Mike He doing lately? I watch Bull Fighting, and i think he's too tall for that actress! hahah

My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star 2007

The best show so far in the last 2 weeks, since I start watching Taiwan dramas, after several years of not watching.

Jimmy Lin is still the best!! He should act more in modern drama.

Wish to See You Again
Wish to See You Again 2008

Good drama.. Vic Zhao and Kingone team up again. At least this time Kingone character is not so bad, the happy go lucky guy who eventually get the girl he wants.

Vic Zhao character character coupled with Michelle Chen are so cute together. Michelle is quite and fresh. I still remember her in Why Why Love and am glad she got such a leading role in this drama and pair up with a famous actor. Especially when her hairs is not tied, she looked sooo damned beautiful.

As for Ken, like some comments that i have seen already, yes, he did looked bored in the show or else he cant act. I skipped his part in the show.

The bad side of this drama, the characters playing Michele parents are really too much. Are Taiwanese family really like that? So loud and scary!!

Xu Le's character of never letting the girlfriend know anything is also not good. In this real world, people believe with their own eyes, and by not explaining... hmm.. so difficult meh???

Though the ending was short and sweet but wish, there was more dialogue between Xu Le and Neng Xian characters on how to patch up their relationship.

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