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Beautiful Days
Beautiful Days 2001

I am happy that i have a copy of this drama... it's one of my prozed possession... ilove zero's voice.....

Winter Sonata
Winter Sonata 2002

At first, i don't have the interest to watch this drama... I just watched it since i dont have anything to watch but then after the first episode and then another and another, i just seem not to sleep anymore.... there is a need to watch and a need to end the drama.... this became one of my favorite.

Damo 2003

since it's my life objective to watch LSJ dramas, i looked and found a copy of damo from our local market. the drama was so intense that i need to watch another drama after watching this to take the music out from my mind.... the music clings to my ears and i need to be normal again.

Phoenix 2004

Its my objective to watch all LSJ dramas and this was the only one i beleive am missing out.... then i discovered this site that allowed me to finally watch this drama and what a BANG! all about this show went into my nerves as if some kind of a magical chant that never leaves my senses... i love everything about the drama that i wouldn't mind about some little detailed flaws. the OST was so great that i really spend time looking for them in the net and finding ways to download them... specially eric's music (the cool song being played when he appears). It's just sad that Lee Eun-Ju killed herself and i wonder why she did it when she has so many more to give and more dramas to make.

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