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Jumong 2006

This is Korean drama at its best. Sure, it's 81 episodes long and will take you right about 90 hours to watch them all (each episode is 1 hour and a little extra minutes long). But it is definitely worth it. Every single second of it! Well, maybe not EVERY second... but MOST of them. So what's so good about this drama? Well the intrigue, the political plots, the romance, the love, the betrayals, the evil guys, the honor, the pain, the tragedy, the epicness of it… I highly recommend it.

Soulmate 2006

Good drama.Didn't care much for the secondary characters but the main story was really good in my opinion. Good thing it was not too long (only 12 episodes), since at times it does get draggy even though it's... not too long. The drama has some pretty amazing romantic moments that make the drama worth watching. The anticipation and excitement is there. I liked it.

Foxy Lady
Foxy Lady 2006

I liked it. Had a lot of spice to it.

Two Outs in the 9th Inning
Two Outs in the 9th Inning 2007

Really enjoyed this drama. It's kinda a hidden gem since I've never heard much about it and it's apparently not too famous. I highly recommend it though. I really liked the romance between the characters and the story was interesting, funny, engaging and kinda the same as other K-dramas (love triangles of course, etc.) but different. Just my 2 cents.

Loveholic 2005

So I sorta watched until episode 7 or 8. After that I just reluctantly watched the drama skipping forward constantly just to know how the story went since I'd already started watching it. Personally, I loved the story up until the end of episode 3. I swear if they'd left the story at around 4 or 5 episodes it would've been a great drama. This drama is filled with so many characters feeling guilty, acting stupid and pathetic, crying for nothing, holding on to love for all the wrong reasons, being stubborn and irrational... everything human beings do WRONG when they fall in love meshed up together in one series. Seriously, though. This is NOT entertainment. Like I said, I thought it was a great story, I cried and laughed and loved it... until episode 3. Right after Kang Wook and the teacher, Yool Joo, get into the fight with that other kid, the story just goes downhill from then on.

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