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Days in the Sun
Days in the Sun 2002

I saw this not to long ago, it was an ok film nothing great. I wanted to watch for Ji Sung and Ha Ji Won since they were both so young.

The story centers around 2 friends who are as close as sisters. Kim Ji Soo is the older nice sister while Ha Ji Won is the spunky more selfish younger sister.

I started out liking Ji Soo because was a saint for putting up with all that but Ji Won soon won me over because when pushed came to shove, she gave up her prince charming for her sister. While Ji Soo I found too naive and selfish, knowing how her 'love' was such a bad person and caused issue for her sister, she still begged her sister to help protect his secret.

Ji Sung and Ha Ji Won had great chemistry, they were both the 'young' ones in the family so they had many romantic scene, and were very adamant about liking each other only.

Kim Ho Jin and Kim Ji Soo are a couple but I found them so boring, Ji Soo was so naive and Ho Jin to unscrupulous. I can't pick who I hated more.

The Pride of Chao Zhou
The Pride of Chao Zhou 1997

this film was very good, the story of the three god-brothers was extremely well written.

The story follows them from their hometown in the 1940's till the early 1990's.

It's a pretty long series and shows how each brother strives to overcome the hardship they must face through life. one thing that was most memorable, was that it didn't have them turning against each other like so many of the films, but instead shows how we can go through anything, as long as we have true friends and family who can support.

My Date With a Vampire II
My Date With a Vampire II 2000

Didn't really like number two, thought number one was better, two had too many loop holes.

About the plagiarism, it can't be considered as such because the use of character death causing another to go insane wasn't invented by DBZ, neither did the hair turning colour thing.

Even together, if you wanted enough drama's, especially the older ones, there were a couple of times when characters were so filled with grief or anger that there hair turned white in one night.

The Forbidden Kingdom
The Forbidden Kingdom 2008

I thought the movie was okay...not as epic as some would hope but since jackie and jet are way to old to be doing their old tricks again it was an okay movie.

found the english very hard to understand, Jet and LBB by far had the worst english accent in the movie.

LYF although spoke very good english, but her characters habit of talking in the third person annoyed the hell out of me. Though i understood why but they must have cut out the explanation in the movie.

LYF and LBB also seemed to have a history that was never touched on or cut.

Jet and Jackie had only one fight scene together, wished they had more. This film would work a lot better as a series with a chinese guy instead. Like him returning to recapture his chinese heritage.

but what bugged me the most about it is why COllin chou had to go find unattractive women when LBB and LYF was so hot...what gives?!

The Dance of Passion
The Dance of Passion 2006

it had some good moments but it wasn't that great. i didn't like any of the characters in here.

the ending was off too.

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