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Iljimae 2008

i'm sorry to say, but u can't really judge a drama by just watching the first couple of episodes and then read all the other reviews about it and decide.
personally i think this is a really good drama. and btw..i'm not korean...i'm viet and yes i watch alot of wuxia dramas, chinese dramas, and etc...before and i know how it should be like.
When i start watching this drama, i thought the same thing, it really sound like other robinhood sorta like dramas. But the story is really different. How is this and hong gil dong the same? the storylines are different!
Iljimae, the beginning, i think its a little it long winded...i admitt i kinda fast forward alittle in the begining but starting episodes 7 or i guess alittle before when he realize his identity and his past...the drama get really interesting, really touching, and really good.
it might not be as good as other wuxia dramas but its not as bad to receive such a bad review about it.
and honestly just to let u know, its not just koreans that are in love with the dramas, other fans are viet like me or chinese, or japanese too.
i would give this drama at least 4/5...not just 2 and 1/2....

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