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My Queen
My Queen 2009

Good acting and chemistry from male and female lead. Storyline
was excellent. Definitely a must watch drama.

Hi, My Sweetheart
Hi, My Sweetheart 2009

Rainie and Show had good chemistry. Show should do more series.

Autumn's Concerto
Autumn's Concerto 2009

Very good plot and heart warming series. Best of 2009.

Black & White
Black & White 2009

Best TW Series of 2009. Action packed and good plot. Cast was great.

The Four
The Four 2008

This one is very good. good plot and performance by all 4 guys.

Love Exchange
Love Exchange 2008

Same... I thought it was gonna be good. i lost interest too after 5 ep..I should of quit after the 1st ep...

Your Class or Mine
Your Class or Mine 2008

This one is entertaining. remind me of my high school days.

Pages of Treasures
Pages of Treasures 2008

I think it was pretty good. It's a perfect series for the whole family to watch. It makes you feel warm and love your family more.

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