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Eternal Happiness
Eternal Happiness 2002

I like Joe Ma the most. He did an extraordinary character of Tit Muk Ee. Without his acting, the whole film would not be attractive. He made the role Raymond Lam (Wong Po Siu Wah) and Michelle Yip (Meng Lai Kuan) stood out or interested. Other wise, they would be very plain.
Joe Ma has exceptional face which stands for kindness, with bright and sharp eyes, charming, royalty figures, and attractive lips, wisely interfaced in his role. I admire Joe Ma for all. He is kind, gentle, sympathy, energetic and powerful. He showed his man kind of strength, controlling, honesty, love, courage and intelligence (I like that) He perfectly transited his mood from being a king, a friend, a lover and a son. He looked lovelier when he got angry in his face when talking with Meng Lai Kuan or fighting with Wong Po Siu Wah. Joe Ma has a tremendous talent combining with his charming figure that last for ever in spectators’ mind I believe and such as me.
Director of the film had the right choice for Joe Ma. All the casts fit together.
I wish Joe Ma is successful in his career, healthy and happy always.

Raymond Lam accomplished his role too. His Kong-fu is nice. His eyes described his emotions pretty good. Michelle Yip is Ok the only thing is she restricted of showing the emotions on her face. All the feeling inside didn’t totally reveal on her face. I don’t know whether the cause is from the make up…

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