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Empress Wu 1984

I liked this series but only because of Empress Wu. All the other characters are sooo boring! Fung Bo Bo was great as Empress Wu and her acting was very good. Great storyline about how she rose to power. The part where she kills her own daughter was crazy. In real life, they're not sure if she really did that or not. Her sister is a tramp for sleeping with the king behind her back, oh and so is the king! At the end of the movie, she hires 2 look-alikes of her lovers and they look soooo gay, it was hilarious!

The Young Dowager
The Young Dowager 1984

This series of kind of boring for me. Maybe because its so old. No stand out performances by anyone. The main actress is pretty and I like how this series is based on true history but thats about it. I have this on VHS and I have only watched it once. Wouldn't watch it again because its too boring and many scenes drag on. Don't expect much humour in this series. It's ALL serious business!!

Mythical Crane and Magic Needle
Mythical Crane and Magic Needle 1992

This was a very good series and I enjoyed watching it but the girl he ended up with at the end was butt ugly! I don't remember that much about this series because I saw it a long time ago when I was little. I just remember he had alot of girls liking him (the main guy) and I didn't see what the big deal with him was LOL! The theme song I remember was nice.

Heroine of the Yang
Heroine of the Yang 1998

Compared to the 2nd part, this one is alot happier and better. I like the theme song. Amy Chan was a good choice for Mok Gwai Ying. She looks good even in her simple costumes and she has a pretty face. This is a good production considering its ATV. Fight scenes are well done and this was a good portrayal of Gwai Ying. I love her character and how she is strong-minded. I don't know who came up with the costumes for the queen from that other tribe. They are ridiculous and she looks like some bird most of the time. Did she have plastic surgery done cause her lips don't look real?

Heroine of the Yang II
Heroine of the Yang II 1998

I totally agree with the Gilbert Lam comment. But I only cried watching him in Part I, not this one. It was touching that he was a sweet person under all the wickedness and the scenes that he had with Pai Fong. As for this Part II, it was ok but way too much death scenes. Part I was way better and alot more interesting. Zhong Bo looks terrible with the moustache on and who is that ugly girl they have playing Mun Kwong?? The did that in the old TVB version too, have a girl playing Mun Kwong. Why can't they just keep it a man?? I don't get it! You just can't take this series seriously with a girl playing a guy's role. Couldn't they have picked a good-looking girl at least. The girl they have playing her in this one is hideous and her acting and crying scenes make her look even worse. Bat Mui is pretty bad looking too.

The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung
The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984

I little too much makeup on Michael as CLH in this one but he still looks good! He plays a great CLH but I still like the '79 old version better, but this one is a close second. I feel like the VCD version cut out some scenes and I have no idea what happened to Woo Tip Fa and Go Ah Lam in the end because I feel like they cut that part out. The bad guy is also HAWT!!

The Foundation
The Foundation 1984

I watched this one too when I was little and I still love it. Some of the political scenes kind of drag on, but for the most part it's a good series. Michael Miu's good looks make him perfect as the prince, even though I don't appreciate what he does in the end. Good kung fu scenes in this one too!

The Legend of the Unknowns
The Legend of the Unknowns 1982

This is one of early TVB series that I watched long time ago and still have on tape. This is a good series. I think Barbara Yung's first role was in this one and even though she's not the main character, she is very cute in her role as the princess.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982

Love the themesongs and R.I.P. Barbara. She was very cute and did great in this role. I haven't seen any of the remake yet, but I'm sure this is the best one.

Yeung Female Warriors
Yeung Female Warriors 1981

Why do they have whats her name playing a guy in this movie?? I don't understand. They did this with her in another series as well. Were they running out of male actors?

The Shell Game II
The Shell Game II 1981

Loved Chow Yun Fat in this series. He is gorgeous in this one and him and Liza were so cute together.

Yesterday's Glitter
Yesterday's Glitter 1980

I hate Damian in this movie and felt sooo bad for Liza. His character just got on my last nerves! Very sad movie.

God of Sabre
God of Sabre 1979

I have to make a comment..i didn't like this series at all. its not too long, thank goodness but it sucks and I really don't like Damian Lau as an actor. He's not even handsome, I don't know how he got in here!

Chor Lau Heung
Chor Lau Heung 1979

This is my fave version of CLH. Yes, its very old and the series moves along very slowly but the cast is very good. Adam plays a good CLH.

Twilight of a Nation
Twilight of a Nation 1988

I just finished watching this series and its pretty long with a large cast. I enjoyed it for the most part but its not the greatest series. Based on the Taipeng Revolution and the ending is pretty sad.

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