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Creating Destiny
Creating Destiny 2009

i love this drama.
it pretty funny and awesome to watch.

You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful 2009

i fcking love thi drama.
it the best i ever watch.

Soulmate 2006

This drama is pretty good!
y cant they make a season 2! >_<

Atashinchi no Danshi
Atashinchi no Danshi 2009

Mang this drama is off the hook.
this is really funny and awesome.
funny ending tho.

Glittering Days
Glittering Days 2006

love this drama!!!

Easy Fortune Happy Life
Easy Fortune Happy Life 2009

this drama is really good.
u can watch this at www.mysoju.com

Princess Hours (Goong)
Princess Hours (Goong) 2006

this is so funny and wicked awesome man!!!

Death Note
Death Note 2006

this is an interesting movie and manga!!!

A Journey Called Life
A Journey Called Life 2008

this is an awesome movie!!!

Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You 2008

this movie is ok, but it weird. but i like it.

Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven 2003

i love this movie. is was very sad about that she had an eye cancer but in the end is was she die. this movie have feeling. and this movie made me cried with tears.

Lost in the Chamber of Love
Lost in the Chamber of Love 2004

this is a very good movie. u need to watch it some day

War and Destiny
War and Destiny 2006

to me this drama is retarded.

War of In-Laws II
War of In-Laws II 2008

i think this is bettered than the first drama. cuz this is funny as hell.

Speech of Silence
Speech of Silence 2008

this is a very good drama and it like awesome. :P

Death Note
Death Note 2006

this is an very cool movie and excited!!!

The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day 2008

i see this drama before. it was sad but it was a great movie.

Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006

this drama is ssssooooo awesome and cool!!!!

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