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Down With Love
Down With Love 2010

2 stars?!! Why does this have 2 stars?!!! PAY NO ATTENTION, POTENTIAL VIEWERS, THIS DRAMA IS GREAT!!!

I really wasn't expecting to like this drama - I almost stopped watching it, thinking it was getting too gimmicky, but what a mistake that would have been! The balance between romance, comedy, drama, subplot and friendship is perfect. Add that to Jerry's brilliant acting of his hilariously charming character, Yu Ping, and you've got a drama definitely worth watching! And stuff you, Ella haters; admit it, she's funny!

Proposal Daisakusen
Proposal Daisakusen 2007

I completely agree with mexanoe. It was painful watching Ken go through the same mistakes each episode... it dragged too much.

All About Eve
All About Eve 2000

If sukting thinks it's good, it must be good, so I think I'll watch it :)

Romantic Princess
Romantic Princess 2007

Not all that funny (although some bits had me cracking up) but it's very cute, and it made me smile a lot. Although it starts off as your typical Asian drama Cinderella story, it changes into something more realistic, hence the relationship is also more easy to believe and relate to. Also, no annoying love triangle :)

Hana Kimi
Hana Kimi 2007

Oh my god so much better than the Japanese version! Almost all of the casting was better, although I prefered some of the supporting actors in the Japanese version (the spirit-seer for example). Also, there wasn't as much dorm spirit and pride. BUT this version was better in every other aspect; the storyline, relationships, comedy and entertainment.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2007

A lot of it was quite funny - random, but funny nonetheless. The supporting actors were good, but I thought the male lead, the guy who played 'Sano', was pretty bad. He displayed very little emotion, looking bored all the time, even when logic would suggest he should be jealous/happy/upset etc. Also, there was no chemistry between him and 'Mizuki'. The Taiwanese version gets my vote in almost every aspect!

Why Why Love
Why Why Love 2007

Some very, very funny bits - it gets serious and sad, but every episode is guaranteed to make you laugh. The acting was really good, the relationships really sincere, including the ones between the main character and her best friend, and with her mother.

You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful 2009

Some bits just crack me up. The gender-confusion makes it hilarious and interesting, although not as much as Coffee Prince, because the male protagonist knows the truth (this means it is also less frustrating to watch though!)

Princess Hours (Goong)
Princess Hours (Goong) 2006

I watched this after Coffee Prince; this time the amazing Yoon Eun Hye is a teary (meant in the nicest possible way) princess. This drama was great, although at times I felt little twinges of annoyance at how desperate and clingy the princess was. I missed the angry spark Yoon Eun Hye had in Coffee Prince. Oh well, can't be helped - great drama; well worth watching.
Side note; I loved the teddy bear scenes… watch and you will understand :)

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007

This Korean drama has a significant enough twist to make it more unpredictable and exciting than most. Yoon Eun Hye plays a tomboy and is, as usual, amazing. The drama is funny, and the characters are somehow more believable and realistic than most. COFFEE PRINCE! XD

Cinderella Man
Cinderella Man 2009

If you don't like 'cringe' movies (you know, the ones where the main character stuffs everything up in front of your eyes), don't watch this drama. Most of the drama is spent building up to the inevitable, annoying climax, and the remainder is spent fixing those mistakes and finishing with a pretty unsatisfactory 'happy' ending. Having said that, if you watch the episodes quickly, you can probably get over the frustration, and enjoy it.

Boys Over Flowers
Boys Over Flowers 2008

A good drama, but every episode ends in such a suspenseful, keep-them-watching way that it can get annoying and makes it hard to stop watching. It seems like a drama which was made purely to get viewers. On the bright side, because of this it is jam-packed with comedy, action and, of course, romance.

The Classic
The Classic 2003

A really good story, although frustrating at times, as are all movies when you know, and don't like, what the ending will be. There were some funny bits too, to take the edge off things :)
It seemed that the daughter's half of the story was not really a half at all - it got a quarter of the time, and about an eighth of the effort; this relationship seemed very shallow, rushed and weak compared to the mother's story. I'm being too critical though - it was an excellent movie.

A Millionaire's First Love
A Millionaire's First Love 2006

A really sad but great story, which doesn't follow some of the more annoying Korean movie trends (bossy guy, clingy girl etc). Somewhat similar to (actually, probably what inspired) 'A Walk to Remember'. The male lead is the only one I have seen in a Korean movie who you can really believe has developed and changed for the better.

The Guy Was Cool
The Guy Was Cool 2004

Although the usual guy ringing up girl saying 'meet me now' concept is getting annoying, I will forgive :) It was quite funny, and had a believable storyline.

My Little Bride
My Little Bride 2004

This movie has a great mixture of the hilarious and the tear-jerking. Little things in the plot annoyed me, like the age difference and extra boyfriend thing, but hey, I'm just being fussy.

Jenny Juno
Jenny Juno 2004

Somewhat predictable, but still a cute movie. Although the story seemed to just meander along, the time was well used, with Jenny's flashbacks and nice scenes like the rowing boat one.

Jenny Juno
Jenny Juno 2004

Somewhat predictable, but still a cute movie. Although the story seemed to just meander along, the time was well used, with Jenny's flashbacks and nice scenes like the rowing boat one.

Jenny Juno
Jenny Juno 2004

Somewhat predictable, but still a cute movie. Although the story seemed to just meander along, the time was well used, with Jenny's flashbacks and nice scenes like the rowing boat one.

My Sassy Girl
My Sassy Girl 2001

A very popular movie which was remade into an American film by the same name - one which, in this case, I prefer. I had a hard time deciding whether I liked this one or not, because of the extremes of the 'sassy girl'. Sure, the bossiness could be funny, but quite often it would go to nasty, violent and humiliating extremes. I found it hard to laugh at the girl bashing up her boyfriend and storming off like a little child when he won't wear high heels.

ToGetHer 2009

I'll admit, after watching 'Devil Beside You' this drama seemed a bit wrong. What was Rainie doing with a different hairstyle and man? But her character is truly different this time, so you just have to relax and enjoy the drama. It's funny, and has beautiful moments. Also, must say this; the music is perfect, it always seems to fit the mood - I was very impressed. Also, the time length, 12 episodes, was just right.

My Girl
My Girl 2006

There are many moments which made me smile, chuckle and laugh out loud. The overall story, however, was sad (not the ending though, don't panic!). The story was stretched out excessively - some parts were overdramatised, and overall I felt the series was too long. As for the 'chemistry' between the two main characters; I felt that they were very close, and could always find something to laugh and talk about, but somehow I couldn't sense the romance. The acting and comedy was great though.

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