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Ruler Of Your Own World
Ruler Of Your Own World 2002

This drama is beyond the world of typical dramas. The story is brilliantly pure, moving, humanistic, and enriching. Rich with clever dialogue and talented acting by Yang Dong Geun, Lee Na Young, and Gong Hyo Jin. An absolute gem!

Trees in Heaven
Trees in Heaven 2006

Really good. It's a charming, enchanting, youthful melodrama about love between non-biological siblings. Park Shin Hye is brilliant, but others’ acting weren’t stellar. Nonetheless, the story is believable and the characters well-developed. Japanese and Korean joint production.

Let's Go to the Beach
Let's Go to the Beach 2005

Although filled with romantic clichés, this was fun to watch and had a fresh, summery atmosphere. It was also superbly acted by the young leads Lee Cheong Ah and Lee Wan, who had amazing heartfelt chemistry. There were just one too many frustrating plot turns and a very odd and confusing ending.

Country Princess
Country Princess 2003

Part comedy, part melodrama, with lots of emotional swings. This wild, almost eccentric story about greed, perseverance, and falsely-switched sisters is surprisingly touching and gets better and better. Bae Doo Na’s quirkiness and talent, along with Kang Dong Won’s charm, carry the drama far. Worth watching!

Dal Ja's Spring
Dal Ja's Spring 2007

Failed to keep up the plot movement. Ended up having a lot of draggy side stories and fillers.

Que Sera Sera
Que Sera Sera 2007

Unique concept with four interesting leads, but an uneasy, agonizing story. Plenty of mature scenes, but ironically no good chemistry.

Great Expectations
Great Expectations 2006

Involves a kindergarten and a gang. A cute, yet serious story that transformed into a surprisingly touching feel-good drama after a couple episodes. Good action, comedy, and romance. Cute, talented cast. Don't worry, Han Ji Min doesn't act so crazy after about episode 4--by then, the drama picks up a lot of speed.

IRIS 2009

Violent and depressing. Complex plot with no depth.

Shining Inheritance
Shining Inheritance 2009

Way too predictable, lame, and cheesy. Painfully weak acting by the lead actress. Supporting cast made the show.

Princess Hours (Goong)
Princess Hours (Goong) 2006

Slow and lite. Boring palace scenario really restricted the plot movement and excitement. Fun music though.

When It's at Night
When It's at Night 2008

Attempted to be an action mystery, but fell short on both. Original story, but bland and dreary. Side characters were the highlight in my opinion.

I Am Sam
I Am Sam 2007

Very unique, interesting, awkward, funny characters in a weak, disappointing story. Yang Dong Geun made it worth watching.

The Return of Iljimae
The Return of Iljimae 2009

Beautifully done historical drama that lasted too long. Realistic and deep, with awesome action scenes, but became slow and boring towards the end.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007

Unique and intriguing storyline that puts a spin on the view of romance. Likeable characters. A little slow towards the end, but worth the watch.

A Man's Story
A Man's Story 2009

ntelligent, psychological plot about the constant need and desire for money and power. Brilliant, down to earth acting and directing. But the consistent, subtle pace kept me a little bored. It needed more excitement.

Joyful Girl's Success Story
Joyful Girl's Success Story 2002

Fun and serious with great side characters and a good storyline of revenge and comeback. Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk were excellent and their acting was very powerful and full of expression.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Name is Kim Sam Soon 2005

Smart and witty. Kim Sam Soon is a wonderful character that leaves a huge impression and has hilarious dialogue! The love relationships were somewhat frustrating. But overall enjoyable to watch.

Resurrection 2005

Intelligent and intense story, acting, and directing. Eom Tae Woong is brilliant and versatile! But the mystery solving dragged too much in the last half.

Iljimae 2008

Powerful and melodramatic historical drama. Although it contains a few unbelievable and coincidental moments, it keeps its special storytale quality throughout the series. Lee Jun Ki is the highlight...he's so good.

The Time Between Dog and Wolf
The Time Between Dog and Wolf 2007

Surprisingly good despite the dark mood and mediocre filming quality. Very suspenseful and exciting throughout the series. Plenty of action, romance, mystery, and crime.

My Girl
My Girl 2006

Unforgettable storyline, acting, and music. Exciting from start to finish. Both light-hearted and deeply emotional. A must-see comedy romance.

The Accidental Couple
The Accidental Couple 2009

A pleasure to watch. Charming and touching story, especially after the midway point. Hwang Jung-min is amazing and unforgettable as Goo Dong Baek!

Hong Gil Dong
Hong Gil Dong 2008

This historical drama gives you laughs, suspense, and tears. Acting and storyline were exciting, esp Kang Ji Hwan. Plenty of action, politics, romance, symbolism, and meaning. It was fast and fun to watch!

Capital Scandal
Capital Scandal 2007

Stylish, humorous, intense, and touching. Kang Ji Hwan and Han Ji Min are so great, along with the many great side characters. Very memorable.

Cain and Abel
Cain and Abel 2009

Filled with emotions, suspense, action, romance, darkness and light. Touching story, smart directing, amazing acting. So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min were special.

You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful 2009

Cute but a bit too silly. Not much originality.

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