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Crimson Sabre
Crimson Sabre 2000

Totally messed for wuxia fans. Sword Stained with Royal Blood 1985 is far much better than this.

A Time of Taste
A Time of Taste 1990

Superb drama that supported by strong storyline and cast. From 1917 to 1997, such long time to describe several major China historical events. The producer himself Lee Kwok Lap is well-known to produce ancient series in Mainland recently.

The Blood-Stained Intrigue
The Blood-Stained Intrigue 1986

Definitely superb wuxia series despite lack of popular names here as main lead. Same producer with ROCH 1983, Siu Sang. Too bad no DVD version for this excellent series :(

Good Against Evil
Good Against Evil 2002

Blood Of Good And Evil & Good Against Evil, these 2 dramas contain about Good and Evil but have very different quality...
No doubt Deric Wan is talented and versatile actor, he can portray any role convincingly.
GAE is typical current era TVB drama, predictable plot and ending, nothing special.

The Challenge of Life
The Challenge of Life 1991

I love this oldies, one family drama story with classic theme. Great cast with interesting storyline by producer Cheung Wah Biu who also the script-writer of current era TVB's hits Rosy Business. Recommended to watch!

L'Escargot 2012

Early episodes are promising but started from middle to the end is totally messed up. Don't understand why TVB want to adapt tragic drama from Mainland...No wonder L'escargot failed to reach high rating.

Moonlight Resonance
Moonlight Resonance 2008

What a declining standard by TVB as Moonlight Resonance is top-rated TV drama in 2008. This series is too draggy with no original plot, rush ending, too much predictable scenes. Olala...

Forensic Heroes
Forensic Heroes 2006

Nothing but inspired by popular western series called C.S.I. It's just so-so series since TVB has lack of originality. Forensic Heroes = TVB version of C.S.I, nothing special.

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber
The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1978

Better than latest TVB's version 2000. But the very best is still 1986 version with Tony Leung & Kitty Lai as Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min respectively.

Full House
Full House 2004

Most of all K-dramas are absolutely just for GIRLS including Full House Nothing special about this series except main cast and maybe the soundtrack. But that is the key factor for Korean drama successful. RomCom drama with good look casts.

All About Eve
All About Eve 2000

If you want to watch romantic drama with pretty casts, definitely K-drama is the best choice but if we expect high-quality drama in every aspect (acting skill, storyline), doubted All About Eve will fulfill it. Fortunately, Jang Dong Gun in it as this actor had been recognized as Korea top actor.

Golden Faith
Golden Faith 2002

It's very boring & predictable series. Compared with other complicated modern drama like LBIA & BOGAE, sorry to say Golden Faith is far far behind. Don't impressed with this series, wasting my time to watch it :(

The Breaking Point
The Breaking Point 1991

This series definitely boosted Leon Lai to fame. Overall, The Breaking Point is pretty interesting interesting drama supported by strong cast and fantastic songs. Superb acting by Deric to portray an evil role once again after Looking Back In Anger.
Well recommended to watch especially for Leon Lai fans since The Breaking Point is his most prominent TVB series.

Looking Back In Anger
Looking Back In Anger 1988

Definitely the best TVB modern drama all of time! Convincing cast, excellent storyline with unpredictable ending. Current top-rated drama such as Heart of Greed & Moonlight Resonance have no point compared with Looking Back In Anger. Just wondering, when TVB will produce another high quality drama like this? A big question...

Blood of Good and Evil
Blood of Good and Evil 1990

One of memorable & excellent TVB modern drama. Original storyline, convincing acting of all cast. If you want to watch high quality drama, BOGAE is the answer! Because this series is not illogical melodrama or cinderella story which dragging you a lot with sad & tear scenes.

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