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Shanghai Bund
Shanghai Bund 2007

Spoiler Alert! I've watched the series through episode 25!

While I am enjoying the Shanghai Bund series, I do think there is something lacking in the editing of the story. I think too many too similar events happen too close together. I don’t think Wen Qiang needs to stand Cheng Cheng up twice because of Miss Fang and you can keep the basic structure of the story intact and tighten it up with one simple change; give Wen Qiang the flu instead of Miss Fang.
This would accomplish several things. First, it would still allow him to stand Cheng Cheng up for their movie date. Second, when Cheng Cheng finds out Wen Qiang is sick, it would give an opportunity for character development by putting them in a very different situation; Wen Qiang needing her help. Third and finally, it would give an excuse to have Haung Xiao Ming made up to look noble, tragic and feverish. You’d have to be made of marble to not be moved.

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