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Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 2007

Typical HK TVB series where going to prison means you get to wear a lighter shade of lipstick, less mascara and after months the permed hair is still permed but only slightly ruffed up...this is all excusable if the narrative is not so sentimental and the 3 lead actors are not reciting their lines like in a high school play. I found all 3 leads devoid of charm and after a few episode aggravating to watch. gave up after episode 10.

The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983

Doubtless the original and the best , its the only version I could watch over and over again (except for the boring part between the cliffhanger and the last episode) Not so with the newer versions which are overdrawn charmless, too technical and too "cute". Keep it simple. The author when interviewed says Idy Chan is his favourite.

Flaming Butterfly
Flaming Butterfly 2008

When an ATV series is good I'd much prefer it to the over glamorous TVB. The ATV actors are more "natural" and believable than the standard TVB school of contrived acting. Despite a few small holes in the storyline it is one of the better series in this genre. The whole cast without exception is engaging and Rain Li superb, she had me guessing right to the very end.

Relentless Justice
Relentless Justice 2006

Patrick Tam and Amy Kwok are rather lame in this fortunately this is made up by the charismatic role played by Lau Hoi Wai, the others characters are also engaging making this series quite a good watch.

One of the best and most memorable and quite daring endings of any series in HK television.

Reincarnated 1978

Great stuff, wonderfully staged fight scenes far more intriguing and exciting than the computer generated fight sequences of modern day tv. Tsui Siu Keung makes a wonderful hero, comical, sensitive and purposeful. The series is full of bizzare and idiosyncratic characters so much so that their appearance alone can conjure up atmosphere and excitement. The first three quarters is must see but the story deteriorates towards the end and the "replacement" hero is one wet rag.

Inception 2010

Full of special effects, big deal! So much so that the story , which is quite thin already, became secondary. The idea that one can control or "direct" ones dream is a scientific reality the real science is far more fascinating than the movie.....typical hollywood blockbuster. Hopeless compared with other sci fi like Blade Runner.

New Reincarnated
New Reincarnated 1993

Watched half of the first episode, fast forwarded and watched bits of the next few episodes and stopped the dvd.....absolutely stupid. Nothing like the "Old" Reincarnated.

The Good Old Days
The Good Old Days 1996

106 episodes and never a dull moment , it is a benchmark of excellence. Numerous stories flow seamlessly one after another ,intertwined like little vignettes in a rich tapestry. The actors are all purposeful and enthusiastic. The female leads are especially gutsy. Noticeable amongst the "minor" roles, I like the father (Paul Chun) and his brother “uncle #2” who was very endearing and delivered some subtle comic relief and poignant moments. My only criticism is the lead male actor Steven Ma , as usual handsome but no Oomph! He has only one expression, that all purpose souls searching look that never changed which at times wore thin. Despite this minor setback it is one of the best series I have watched. There is a lot of heart in this show will this rare gem ever be equalled?

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