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Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes 2002

Actually, at the end, that was Annie, cuz maybe in a few years later (and I think that long enough) for Annie to reborn to another life with Benny

A Loving Spirit
A Loving Spirit 1999

This film is so funny, very enjoyable

Life Art
Life Art 2007

I love this movie, not just about love affair but also a lot of lesson I learned on this

Devil's Disciples
Devil's Disciples 2007

the plot is just so so and I hate the ending. and the graphic is too much

Gods of Honour
Gods of Honour 2001

This is too touching. I cry sometimes for this. And after watching 3 times, I still cry while watching some touching part

Virtues of Harmony
Virtues of Harmony 2002

THis is so funny, so entertaining, love this even though it's too long :) and sometimes non-sense but very relaxing :)

Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend 1999

Sometimes, it makes me bored. Why just going round and round? a little bit over.

And about the name of the film, I don't think it's suitable with the content :)

Game of Deceit
Game of Deceit 1999

hmm, just because I love all kind of this type, I would say, I love something that make me feel the warmth of love. I love this

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