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Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2009

More Jewel in the Palace than Heart of Greed and/or War & Beauty. Interesting to see something set in the Tang imperial court.
Tavia's awesome here - certainly deserved her 2 awards - a close contenter to Sharon Tang's best actress imho. Michelle's better here than in Moonlight Reasonance; Selena improved a lot and Charmaine's very convincing as the goody-do-good. Lee Kwok Lun shone as the evil eunuch, consistent performance from Moses & Kevin.
Great overall except for the last 15 mins.

Born Rich
Born Rich 2009

Interesting to start, draggy and silly towards the end. The female artistes make it bearable - Jamie's acting is still great, Anita is OK and Sit is funny. The males are passable - Gallen is better in comical series, Ray delivers as the protected rich man's son but somehow lacks oomph.
The plot and storyline potrayed everyone except Gallen's character as stupid. A tighter and faster paced plot would have helped made it more suspenseful and watchable.

You're Hired
You're Hired 2009

An under-rated series. Everyone's done an excellent job here. It's fresh to see Charmaine paired with Dayo. She has all these cheeky expressions that they are hilarious. They seemed to have so much fun and it shows. Even Mandy improved as Charmaine's materialistic sister-in-law.
Though not totally realistic, I've learnt a lot of marketing & business strategies through this series.

Burning Flame III
Burning Flame III 2009

Agree. It's hard to like anyone - everyone seemed a tad too tedious to watch. Kevin's character is too nice, Hei's too obstinate, Myolie's too dilly-dally which ultimately caused all the issues.
Not much character development except of Encore and Nam. Even Yee's (Encore's wife) flatmates seemed more interesting than the main casts.
Could have done well with more editing.

Blood of Good and Evil
Blood of Good and Evil 1990

One of TVB's best drama and different from the typical 'big family feud' themes popular these days.
Also one of Deric-Maggie's best - each at the peak of their career. This drama majorly boosted their popularity. I disagree that they don't have chemistry.
Best viewed in original language (cantonese) as the translation/subtitle doesn't deliver the same significance. I.e. in one scene when Deric was discussing his dilemma, Maggie said, "whatever your decision, a 'blind' girl will always be by your side" became "whatever your decision, I will always be by your side." The 'blind' has significance as she later became blind trying to protect him.
An oldie but still a goodie!

Conscience 1994

There are some inaccuracies with this review. To be fair, this is a drama that's a bit hard to understand. I didn't really like it when I watched it the 1st time when it came out but I've recently rewatched it and is able to appreciate it better.
The premise of the story is heavily based on psychology and how behaviours are determined by antecedents which shape the consequences. To understand each characters' behaviours and development, it's important to understand their background. The HoiYee-KumLing hatred is not unrealistic having taken their background and history into account.
HoiYee is exactly like her mother but she doesn't want to admit it; and KumLing finally realises her impact on her daughter but found out only too late. Hence, she's willing to commit suicide. Or one can say she's too cowardly to face the consequences.
The ending is semi-open because it ends with Bo walking away with Nok not remembering anything but he did have a flashback of writing "Bo loves Yee" on page 666 of the novel 'Love between 2 Countries". So the question: would/does he remember?
This is best watched in its original language (cantonese) as the translation/subtitle doesn't quite deliver the impact. It's too bad both Deric and Maggie's popularity started downhill after this.
Btw, I found Amy's portrayal of YuNok quite similar to her character in Greed of Man.

The Yong Zheng Dynasty
The Yong Zheng Dynasty 2000

This is one of my all time favourites. According to a documentary on the Qing dynasty, this is the most historically accurate TV series about Yong Zheng, both in terms of his character and administration, and of how he came to be emperor. You'll definitely end up admiring this reluctant but hard-working and dedicated emperor.
Highly recommended for historical buffs, those who want realism and those who want to learn some (true) history without hitting the books.

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