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In the Eye of the Beholder
In the Eye of the Beholder 2009

Entertaining. Fala Chen once again brings out more life out of this drama just as she did with Ghost Writer. Evergreen Mak definitely also helped as well.

Cupid Stupid
Cupid Stupid 2010

The title of this drama will have you nodding head throughout the rest of this drama after about episode 3. For some reason, TVB enjoys keeping this particular chemistry apart from one another.

The Greatness of a Hero
The Greatness of a Hero 2008

Pretty decent story with a very powerful cast. The script/plot could have been better with such a solid cast to back it.

A Fistful of Stances
A Fistful of Stances 2010

If Kevin Cheng and several of the supporting characters had more screen presence or better acting then this drama would be up to par and deserving of the dubbed nickname "Moonlight Resonance's period version". Nevertheless, solid performances are provided by both Kenneth, Natalie, and Selena. The villains in this drama are probably what made it so enticing. Dominic and Eric Li were both excellent villains.

Fly With Me
Fly With Me 2010

This is the most ridiculous drama I've ever seen. Don't waste your time on this drama. Please.

Gun Metal Grey
Gun Metal Grey 2010

Interesting investigation cases. Much better than Mysteries of Love but still seems to lack an element that would have made this drama outstanding. Michael Miu and Felix both provide solid performances. A stronger supporting cast is to be desired although Nancy Wu and Jessica Hsuan did a pretty decent job.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2009

If you enjoy watching dramas with plenty of catfights and Jerry Springer style plots then this is the drama for you. :D

Rosy Business
Rosy Business 2009

Historical dramas seem to have this edge over most modern dramas simply because of their ability to invoke nationalism and relevance. Just as with it's sequel, Rosy Business out shadows most period dramas with its excellent plot supported by a seasoned cast.

No Regrets
No Regrets 2010

Once again, Wayne and Sheren do not fail expectations but rather exceed them with solid performances that brought their characters to life. Of course the story was only made possible by Lee Tim Sing who coordinated the story very well as producer and an excellent script written by Cheung Wah Biu. The rest of the supporting cast was very strong as well with little left to demand more out of this drama.

Growing Through Life
Growing Through Life 2010

Storyline wasn't too special but two factors made it interesting to watch to say the least. Damian Lau's performance was outstanding as usual though not really a breakthrough role. Also, Raymond's chemistry with Zhao Ziqi was pretty good as well.

The girl that played Yiu Kwan (Vionn Song) was simply horrendous. Her character should have just been written out of the story as it was unnecessary to continue the plot. It might have been her first time acting?

Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Buy Me Love 2010

Nothing special here. Plot wasn't that captivating. TVB's attempt at ancient comedy by trying to fuse modern elements such as rap weren't very cute or entertaining at all.

The Mysteries of Love
The Mysteries of Love 2010

Nothing too great about this drama but still has considerable entertainment value. The cases were much more predictable compared to Forensic Heroes.

Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer 2010

Decent storyline. Fala Chen's character basically is the main highlight of this drama. Linda and Steven's characters aren't as interesting but they gave solid performances still.

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