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The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain
The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain 1990

I LOVE this film!!!

But what I seriously dislike is when Anita was kinda with Eddie, Pauline was so jealous and was attention seeking. But when she was with Eddie, Anita kinda hid her feelings and just sucked it up - or is it just me?

Other than that i loved the cast and plot!!

The Legend of the Book and the Sword
The Legend of the Book and the Sword 1987

to be honest, I think Jamie Chik fans would have been dissapointed. Jamie only turned out twice. In pics and the theme song (viet one) Jamie seemed like a main character.

Blood of Good and Evil
Blood of Good and Evil 1990

I only watched to the part Kitty died because I am a biased Kitty fan. Loved this. I really like her purple dress that she wore when she was commiting suicide. I also really liked the song then too!!! Does anyone know where i can get a vid of that when she was commiting suicide or the music to download? thanks

The Legend of Dik Ching
The Legend of Dik Ching 1985

Loved the song when kitty was running away. (When, I think Dich thanh's (dik ching's) mu rejected her and she recalled the memories of her and dich thanh!!!!
Does anyone know where there is a vid of it or the actual song?

The Legend of the Book and the Sword
The Legend of the Book and the Sword 1987

I loved this series. But to be honest I found Fiona Leung kind of annoying. I like Jacqueline Law in this film. She was very pretty and smart! I hated the ending. Why's Huong Huuong (Heung Heung/Princess Fragrnace/Jacqueline's sister) the main attraction. It's like the main artifact of a museum. Everyone was first attracted to her by her looks. Arghhhhh. The ending was phony! He yelled:
"Heung Heung"
and that's the end

Besides that film was EPIC...........
i loved the brother-ship of The Red Flower Society!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yang's Saga
Yang's Saga 1985

Just finished this series! Loved it. It was so cool how everyone was able to be paired with their life partner:
(if you didn't know: the yang's saga was intended to be a special drama for the 5 tigers and they were focused on. Felix with Shallin, Tony with Margie (real couple then), Andy with Carina (i think they were a couple then), Michael with Jamie and Kent was the only couple without a female co-star. It was anticipated that he would be with barbara yung but ..... she died.)
(oh my GOSH!!! Jamie and Michael my fav couple in this film. love how in the end he goes back to jamie's country. how she died was romantic and how he carried her was epic!!!)

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982

2nd Fav Movie!!!!
It was kind of weird when Michael Miu and Barbara Yung were fighting because I'm so used to them being a couple. Love them as a couple! one of my fav couples!! Barbara is so pretty. well all of them are! It was also awkward for me when Barbara was uncovering the mystery near the endish and how Michael was trying to kill Barbara.
Overall, EPIC FILM!!!
has cool casts. Cool costumes. Cool hairstyles! Cool story!
1st fav is The Foundation!!

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982

Does anyone know what Hua Zheng real name is?

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982

I forgot about Michael Miu. I was so sad to find that he was a bad guy. In every other flm with Michael, he is a good guy.when I found out he was a bad guy I was like NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982

Usually I don't like Felix but in this film I loved him in this film. Felix is so funny and silly/stupid. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!! Barbara was so cheeky!! Loved that too! I especially loved when Felix and Barbara first met and the stuff around there. I am currently watching it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll report back my perspective!!!!!!!!!

The Kung Fu Master
The Kung Fu Master 1994

I am watching this movie now. It is actually ten times better then I expected!!

All About Tin
All About Tin 1993

If it isn’t to late, the Viet title is “Ma Dao Hiep Tinh” (mary86) I’m Viet. How bout you

If anyone out there liked this film, I’d recommend watching “The Snow is Red”. The storyline is very similar and it is really good. It has Kristy Yang, Andrew Yuen and Alice Chan in it.

Here are some more films with the people from this film:
Catherine Hung:
The legendary ranger – a good guy
(has Leon Lai and Michelle Reis too)

Deric Wan:
Heroes from Shaolin – good guy
(has Gigi Lai and Eddie Cheung too)
The breaking point - kind of bad guy
(has Leon Lai, Maggie Siu)

Ada Choi:
The romance of the white haired maiden – good guy

Eddie Cheung:
The heaven sword and the dragon sabre 2000 – good guy
Lung Ting Tsang Pa - good at first but then bad
Heros from Shaolin – kind of both

The Snow is Red
The Snow is Red 1996

I don't really like Louis Koo. I think the male role should have been someone like Michael Miu or Tony Leung. I would have like Kristy Yang's hairstyle to change, the loop were funny and so was the top part. Besides that i loved Kristy. HATE ALICE CHAN!!! Her character was selfish!!!!!!!
Anyway, loved it!

Legend of the Yang Family and The Great General
Legend of the Yang Family and The Great General 1994

does anyone know the subtheme song. or at least any of the song. if they can can you give me the website to download it for free!

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