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The Heirs
The Heirs 2013

I only gave it two stars because of the great supporting actors'performances. The roles of the leads were both victims, victims, victims. It was insulting to both Min-ho and Shin-Hae. I don't know why they signed on for the abuse. Terrible plot!

Cinderella's Sister
Cinderella's Sister 2010

What a dreary drama! Fortunately Taecyeon showed up in the fifth episode, and brought some life and a small ray of joy into the production, otherwise I would have been hospitalized for depression. The only other enjoyment this offered was an interesting look at the making of rice wine,which was fascinating. Dear writers..what happened to these characters? I was exhausted from emoting. Why couldn't Hyo-seon grow up? She had fans, a prospective modeling career, and that interesting younger brother that you just "disappeared" in order to turn her back into a blubbering, annoying infant. I was actually looking forward to seeing her grow! Sigh.

Iljimae 2008

Beautiful drama, lousy ending. Jun-Ki delivers, and the pacing, action,and supporting characters are great, but after suffering so much tragedy, couldn't those writers throw us one small crumb of justice? It was so frustrating to suffer all that pain, and get no real JUSTICE! AAAAh! I felt like they copped out at the end because they were afraid to move one way or the other, and in a remarkably cowardly move, just tried to cover all possibilities. Very disappointing end. Thanks for the ride, though, Jun-Ki. You are the best!

Secret Garden
Secret Garden 2010

This drama is top of my list for one reason..the ending. I have never seen a rich drama character take responsibility for the financial hit that he will take for choosing the woman he loves over his mother, and Joo-won does it. Amazing!..and their love survives nicely without bitterness or regret. What a wonderful message. I also greatly enjoyed the sub-plot with the stunt people,the beautiful sets, and the acting of Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin. This was a great effort all around.

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox 2010

If your want your heart warmed, this is it....beautiful chemistry with Min-ah and Seung-Gi, and funny and entertaining sub-plot. Even the "resident-evil guy" was a tragic character who was lovable and dazzling in his intensity. This is the one I send all the newbies to as an introduction to K-drama. Wonderful!

That Winter, the Wind Blows
That Winter, the Wind Blows 2013

Like watching paint dry. Jo In Sung deserves a medal for emoting his way through this. Song Hye Kyo is frozen and immobile through the whole depressing drama.

Faith 2012

Wonderful casting, great story, superb music (HAD to purchase the OST) and the usual high caliber in costume, lighting, and direction that makes Korean dramas so special. Loved it..watching it twice. Now a minoz as well...Aja!

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