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Swordsman 2013

It was a solid series especially for people who enjoy wuxia style action with CGI with a good mix of emotional characters. As a frequent watcher of wuxia dramas I sometimes notice certain characters lack the emotional motivation for their actions. Swordman 2013 fleshes out nearly all the characters from main characters to supporting characters. In comparison to other wuxia portrayals characters have more depth in this series. However there is a points to consider.

1)This adaption strays far from the original novel. Hardcore wuxia fans don't get tired of reading the same novel 50 times and still desire a reread at times. Unlike a novel a TV series may lose interest if viewers already know the plot line before watching. I personally do not have a problem with straying from the initial material when there is already faithful adaptions around. Swordman 2013 done it in a fashion that makes it a standalone series, canon within it's own story.

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