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God, Please Give Me More Time!
God, Please Give Me More Time! 1998

My apologoies, not popstar. Takeshi's character was a music producer.

God, Please Give Me More Time!
God, Please Give Me More Time! 1998

A handsome popstar who ends up falling in love with his beautiful faithful fan after recognising her true colour! But oh so sad, so sad ending. So unfair in life for the poor girl. All she had wanted was to see her favourite idol and she had no money to pay for the ticket! But all's worth because she got her wish and married the man she loved and who in the end loved her, too. And she managed to hold on until her husband gets a daughter so that he would not end up being alone. Love you, Kyoko & Takeshi!

Love Revolution
Love Revolution 2000

A very good romantic drama not to be missed at all. I love Esumi, Oshio & Fujiki! Two men who love one woman!

Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven 2003

STH is good. I love KSW and CJW. The ending was a bit disappointing. It would have been better if it had been like BD where CJW and LBH were given a second chance. I think KSW and CJW deserved a second chance to happiness. Or maybe the character Song-ju should have died too and the picture had ended with images of Song-ju and Jung-suh together in heaven with Tae-hwa smiling.
Anyway the drama was still good to watch.
The producer did a good job in choosing KSW and CJW. I hope to see them together again in the near future. They make a good couple.

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