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My Heart Will Go On
My Heart Will Go On 1999

Moral of the story is: you die, your soul lives on. This was a film that could've, should've, but didn't. I wouldn't recommend this to non-Nicky Wu/Lawrence Ng/Ada Choi fans.
Although, there was this one scene that I found to be REALLY cute. Nicky crosses path with Ada on a bridge and feels the urge to turn back, instead of turning back he rushes down the stairs, crosses the road and jumps a fence to the other side where Ada approaches as she's coming down the stairs. Sadly she doesn't notice him and walks right past him. Lol.

Treasure Venture
Treasure Venture 2000

Despite some unnecessary events, this series overall was a great experience.
Vicky's performance as the carefree Lu Jianping was very entertaining. I love her comical side. Nicky indeed was made to play melancholic characters. As Shui Ruohan, he nailed it. Although I felt his character was inconsistent and poorly developed, he did a fantastic job portraying a cold assassin.
The main story line was what got me hooked. I felt that it was nicely paced and well developed. It's the subplots that sort of got in the way. I felt the scriptwriters took too much time exploring those unnecessary scenes.
Anyway, like I said despite those scenes I still enjoyed it. Definitely recommended!

Bu Bu Jing Xin
Bu Bu Jing Xin 2011

3 words: comedic, romantic, tragic. This is a must-watch.

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