Hidden Identity


Written by:
Xin Er 21
Created on:
2005-11-13 00:00:00
Half of Park Han Byul’s memory was erased from a terrible accident about five years ago. She just thought of herself as simple girl living in the small apartment in town and that her parent died years ago. But what about the dreams of the girl who sits in a wheelchair and looks just like her? And why does she think that she knows her? Is it just a simple dream or it has a meaning to it?
Taebin is the owner of half the landscape project in the city. He still isn’t over the death of his finance five years ago although he still thinks she’s alive. But who is this Park Han Byul? And why does she resemble and look so much like his lost love? Is there more to the story of his lover death than what it appears like Byul claims? Or is it just her imagination and fantasy?

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