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As the last generation of ‘natural’ children, the subjects struggle to hide their ‘natural’ defects, to deceive if necessary. It is a synthetic world in which they live and so, they must conform at all expenses. In the name of science, all traces of humanity shall be eradicated.

Subject A:

1) Cheung, Julian Chilam
2) Sheh, Charmaine Man Si

Subject B:

1) Lam, Raymond Fung
2) Ye, Michelle Xuan

Subject C:

Invitro vs. Vitro
Child of Love vs. Child of Science

Subject D:

2253 A.D. (Anno Domini)
27 N.A. (Nascor Finis)


Thanks for stopping by guys. Hope I won’t screw this up too much, but I just wanted to share with you guys some of the storylines I had floating around in my head. =)


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