secret dream's!!!!!!!!!!


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2006-11-22 00:00:00
There is a girl whose been dreaming, and that girl believe that every dreams has a meaning. And that girl always translating every dreams she may have,and for her its a big help. Let's called the girl "Axen" and the man of her dream was "Zas" a hero from far country, for her.

One day Axen dream about a guy who is very popular , a guy who very far from her country. This dream really mean's so much for her. A dream who very impossible to believe, cause the guy doesnt know him . They just meet in dream. Axen wish that one day the guy well known her and they well be together even just friends, but it is very impossible. So she keep on wishing that they well meet each other again in dreams, even though it well never happened in real life. So even until now she never lost hope that one day she well going to dream about that guy again.

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