You Don't Know Me

Chapter 1: Chapter One

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I had been dead sixty-six hours ago.
It was past midnight and I was still searching. Searching for the perfect one that I could take the form of. I looked into the window of the hardware shop and saw myself. My shoulder lenght, dark hair that covered most of my face was what I saw first. My deep dark eyes flashed with anger and unsecurity.

I remebered a while back when I was still in college. The girls usually walk around and giggled when they saw me. Some girls would walk right up to me and asked if I was crazy. I had never replied to that question. I was a freak as they had considered.

The only person whoever spoke to me without making any harse remark was Grace Yip. She was one of those high achievers who often think of themselves as the best. But she wasn't like that. She was a high achiever, yes. But she had a different sincerity than the rest of them. I remembered when she had first spoken to me. It was in the hall of our university and I had just came out of my last class. I had accidently bumped into her and sent her papers flying everywhere. I was so stupid, I had thought at the time.

We made eye contact as we both bent down to gather her papers. "I'm Grace," she said giving me the most pleasant smile I have ever seen.

I smiled for the first time and replied, "I'm Nicholas."

We both stood up at the same time and I gave her the papers that was in my hand. I was about to speak when an interuption came between us. It was him. Edison Chen. The guy that every girl in the university wanted to get their hands on. And the guy that had cause my death. I was never jealous of him however. He spoke with a jocky voice, " Hey Grace!" He turned his attention to me and didn't say a word. I felt as if he wanted me to leave. Which was true. I left without saying goodbye and regretted that from this day on.

As I fought back to reality, I turned away from the window. I hate seeing myself. Exspecially after being dead for about three days. I kept walking, looking for the perfect person. I have many reasons for wanting to live. I didn't not want to vanish from the world. I also wanted to see Grace.

I stopped when I saw the sight of a hospital. Then an idea swept across my mind. If I took the life of a person who was almost dead, I won't hate myself as much. I made my way up the hospital stairs and entered the hospital. A couple of people were waiting on benches, and nurses were rushing around from place to place. No one noticed me. They can't notice me actually, for I am invisible to their sight. I went throught the hall where a huge amount of doors were left open. I peaked in each one to inspect for the person I was looking for.

Then for a moment I thought I was hallucinating. For before me laid the perfect victim. I went inside the room where two nurses was working. One was writing something on the clipboard while the other who was a little bit taller was checking on the patient's blood pressure. On the bed laid Edison. His head was restless on the white pillow and a the cotton blanket was pulled up to his chin. His face was bruised up and his head was wrapped in white bandages,

"What happened to this guy?" The tall nurse said with curiousity.

"Car accident," the other one replied, "he was driving with his girlfriend and things got a little out of control. He accidently ran over another guy. I think he died a couple of nights ago."

That was me they were talking about. The stupid person who happen to walk by at the time. I was beginning to think back about that night until the nurse interupted. "His line's flat," she said anciously.

The other one ran to the speaker by the door, "Dr. Yang, room 202. Dr. Yang, room 202."

It was all happening so fast I didn't know what was going on. A female doctor came rushing in right through my body and stood where Edison was lying. I then thought to myself. This was the perfect chance, I thought. If I could jump into his body, I would not just save him but save myself. However I didn't know how to. I walked over to where the doctor was inspecting Edison and with many hesitations leaped into his body.

It felt weird. I didn't know where I was. I felt trapped. Trapped inside someone's body instead of taking over it. Then I heard a voice. It was the voice of Dr. Yang. "We lost him," she said with disappointment, "deceased time 12:48 am."

What was I to do now. I was in the body of a dead man. The man who killed me. I tried to open my eyes. The force was way to hard on me. Edison's body seem to hesitate. With as much force as possible I open it quick and saw light.

It was only light at first, but after a while I can see people. "Dr. Yang! He opened his eyes!" the voice came from the nurse.

Dr. Yang ran up to my bed and checked the IV monitor. "This is impossible," she said with surprise. "Edison. Can you hear me?"

My body ached from which came from Edison's body. I then forced out the words, "Yes."

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